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Now 18 months into my triathlon journey I am dealing with my first long term injury. No runnnig for 6 weeks now - hopefully only a few weeks to go!! During this time I have been working on things that are in my control. one of the biggest part of triathlons is fuelling our training. So I have engaged a nutritionist who is alos a triathlete to help me with not only healthy choices but when to eat certain foods, what to eat pre and post training, inflamitory foods etc etc.

So I have just completely week one and I have had some energy ups ad downs as my body starts to adjust to these changes. I will give weekly update as to my progress - feeling good about being able to work on increasing performance while not running!!


Zac - stay with it....having been at the Triathlon game for a couple of decades at all distances feel free to reach out fir a chat and can share some of my war stories/mistakes with you.....nice work on the the foodie thing sorted
Scott Coey . 5 months ago
Zac Eaton leaning up so you can destroy me on the hills!!! 
Damien Dau . 5 months ago

Just had an awesome 5 days in Noosa - great weather and lots of training


How good is Noosa Zac Eaton ! Can't wait to get back there and explore the national park again.
Troy Archer . 7 months ago
Zac Eaton you must be busting out to race! Big block of strength work over the winter will help a heap.
Damien Dau . 6 months ago
So unfortunatley Noosa council have not made it possible this year for the event to go ahead - still plety of quality Qld tri series to hit - ill just be fitter in 2021 I guess!!
Zac Eaton . 6 months ago
Zac Eaton lets connect on Zwift and attack it! Virtual all the way for 2020.
Damien Dau . 6 months ago


Adapting sessions

By Dan BullockIf you follow a program from a tri coach and want to follow their mainsets for HR & zone purposes this might help. Often the warmups & subsets lack a little technical refinement so by all means add this simple ‘wrap’ to your Mainset. Just insert the following around the normal mainset having had a look at the dril