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My health is important to me, the actions I take set an example for my kids, I want to make sure that I can look back on my life and be proud of what i've achieved, and I have a feeling i'm going to need as much energy as I can get along the way!

5 images that took my breath away today

Some images stop you in your tracks, some people do too, this shot by Ariel Piloto did both in equal serves. Speed and focus / photographer Maico Amorim Maico Amorim probably didn’t get lucky with this shot, i’m sure he meant it completely, but man did he get lucky, or maybe not, either way, it’s...

Hey Sarah Archer, we should go for a sneaky run before school pickup! #comeon 👍or

Outside is literally just outside, and it's so very very good. #getoutside 👌Image via Lucas Wesny.

I'm making this week mine. #pma 😋

Father & Son rides have to include a coffee ☕️ stop right! Sarah Archer ♥️

Looks fast Troy Archer

Damien Dau . 1 week ago

If you don't get up as soon as your alarm goes off, your bed gets more comfortable with every millisecond. #theactivetruth

Goodness me Dosnoventa... 😳


Sarah Archer . 2 weeks ago

I really want to go for a ride!!!

Blue skies, light wind, kids are at school, sounds like I’ve got perfect riding conditions 👏

I just got a new bike, but I’m still listening to the same stuff. When I’m riding, or running, Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi is in my ears and I can’t get enough! Get yours here:

Why is sweating so good for you?

Sweating; ‘eww’, ‘gross’, ‘smelly’, ‘embarrassing’, ‘unfit’. Here are just a few of the phrases you may hear if you’re dripping with sweat after a workout or on a hot day. Sweating has mostly negative connotations, however, very few people realise just quite how important sweating is for our body’s daily functioning and for