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I'm running my life in cycles, to heal thy self through discovery and growth.

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It's inspiring to see someone give their all, like truly, actually give their all. That for me is for more impressive than finishing in 1st place. I'm not sure of this runners name, but she was with a big group from and they came together, sacrificing their own finishing times to carry her over the line, amazing. Major high five.


Troy Archer unity ?
Damien Dau . 5 months ago
Damien Dau super inspiring stuff.
Troy Archer . 5 months ago

Muscle mass aside, this speech from Arnold is the simplest and most effective guidance you can hear. Absolutely love this.


I’m not sure what I like more, running trails, or running trail running runners. Nike Pegasus Trail for me thank you.


Did you check out the personalisation TA? Some pretty wild colour combos in there @troyarcher
Jay Woods . 6 months ago
I haven't looked at personalisation for a while but I have a feeling i should Jay Woods !
Abe Tatester . 6 months ago
I’m too old for crazy colours Troy Archer amd Jay Woods ?
. 6 months ago

The journey has just begun, and what a journey it is! ?


Trent Allan that hand clapping is for you mate!
Damien Dau . 6 months ago
I can feel it
Trent Allan . 6 months ago
Trent Allan . 6 months ago

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