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Let it snow ?️. I'm so excited ?


When it's -2°C but you wanna ride. 

It really feels similar as after skiing. The same outfit, the same temperature, the same happy to come to the warm house. Love it ?

We had a ride to a Kyiv reservoir.  It's really big and we call it the Kyiv sea in Ukraine ?


Where abouts are you riding Sascha?
Trent Allan . 2 months ago

Bike explorers ? 

Bridges bellies are my passion ? 


I love this Sasha Nedai! I've never heard the term 'bridge bellies', what is a bridge belly?
Troy Archer . 3 months ago
Troy Archer haha. yeah. That's my word ?. When you are standing under the bridge and watch up, you see its belly. It always looks majestic!
Sasha Nedai . 3 months ago

Hey, meet my first bike ? Really enjoy recovering after the workday with cycling.


Sasha Nedai looks like a nice day out. Look forward to seeing your adventures on the bike!
Damien Dau . 4 months ago
How good are the simple things Sasha Nedai ! Love it, have a great day!
Troy Archer . 4 months ago

Hey, check photos from my last trip to the Carpathians ?


That place looks amazing Sasha Nedai ! Would love to see it for myself some time.
Troy Archer . 6 months ago
Troy Archer, thanks ?Will be happy to show you the Carpathians. There are a lot of places to explore.
Sasha Nedai . 6 months ago

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