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I wanted to share this article from Nike about the launch of their new maternity collection. Really cool to see the focus on sustainable materials too! Let’s hope it’ll be available in Aus soon ?


As a mum who worked out through both pregnancies I’m excited to see a brand design maternity specific gear ...I’m having a hard time getting behind Nike on this one considering their documented unsupportive approach to female athlete/contracts such as Allison Felix & Kara Goucher centered around maternity leave/pay/support.  Thoughts? 
Kelly McLay . 5 months ago

What better way to start the day...?

Quick stroll to Diamond Bay Reserve.

Now, coffee!


Be you tee full Sarah Morgan ! You guys have the best routes around there!
Troy Archer . 5 months ago
Troy Archer we’re certainly spoilt for choice!
Sarah Morgan . 5 months ago

So excited for this delivery! These Active Truth maternity tights are an absolute game changer for my changing body. In fact...think I could do with a few pairs ?


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