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Ryan Crawford
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“If it was easy everyone would do it”


Former Professional Muaythai fighter, 15years experience - WKBF Australian champion, WBC state champion, WMC state champion, 24fights-20w,4L. I’m now on a new journey of finding and pushing my limitations through ultra running I’ve competed the last 3years with some great results was 2019 men’s Blackall champion, captain cook 80km winner, dusk till dawn 100km 2x winner, BVRT 200miler winner, 2020 last one standing winner, Represented team Australia 2020 Bigs back yard world championships. I’ve achieved lots of other great results but my main focus is still forward as I continue to test my limitations I firmly believe that the best is yet to come. I’m driven to help others succeed and the younger generation on a path to their own greatness. With big goals ahead and plenty more events to come the one thing I’ve learnt is nothing beats hard work, dedication, and the will to look inside and want change.

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I’m inspired by
  • Anybody who masters their craft or continues to search for more such as @davidgoggins, @miketyson,  @nathancarnagecorbett, @jockowillink, @sadhguru, @jayshetty, to name a few. I’m constantly studying lots of different people who are elite in their fields not just athletes. I’m also inspired by my family as they give me strength to want to succeed to show them that anything is possible and so I can pass on what I learn to my own sons so they can learn to be unstoppable.

I’m passionate about
  • Health and fitness, body and mind, food, foods that fuel the body are a big passion for me I believe this has to be a big part of any athlete. Ultra running and Muaythai are always part of my weekly training I train every day weather it’s a run or some martial arts but I firmly believe from what I’ve learnt that to be great at something you have to live and breathe it. My goals are to continue to see what I’m capable of within the ultra world but also help others succeed.

My favourite events
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The toughest thing I’ve overcome

Over the years I have done so many tough challenges that it’s hard to pin point the toughest, so many of my big fights have been unbelievably tough mentally and physically in lots of ways. Also The Last One Standing events are super tough as you become so sleep deprived when you have been awake for 40-50 hrs since you last slept. The bvrt200 miler was brutal 322km with minimal rest that one was definitely up there, it was a true test just what I love and it’s why I do what I do, honestly every event has it’s own challenges as with life challenges some can just be harder than others that’s why mindset is so important you have to prepare for what’s to come the best you can if you are not prepared for the suffering that will come you will give up every time. Everything takes time no one gets good at anything over night it’s repetition, dedication and a lot of hard work. I’ve had some massive lows in my life as well just like most of us by making wrong decisions and bad life choices but finally managed to face the truth and change my life for the absolute best this was definitely one of my toughest moments I’ve experienced but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom until you find yourself.

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The best moments for me each morning are when the sun is first rising for the day it sets a feeling of accomplishment before the day even begins. Nature’s energy can reinvigorate your soul and allow you to connect with what really matters in this life, I get to capture these magic moments every day because I choose to win the battle in the morning not let that voice inside win the one that tells you to sleep in take a day off, that voice will hold you back in life! 


People often talk about you need to get motivated and you need a good mindset to achieve your goals, this is 100% true but what most don’t explain is that unless you put yourself in that uncomfortable position over and over again how can your mindset change, you have to continue to get used to the brutal hard work every day and then your mind will get tougher and allow you to achieve more and more each time. The same goes for motivation you can be motivated when you listen to a great song or watch an inspiring movie or when life is going great, but the key is to find your true why you want to achieve your goals, look deep inside yourself and find the answers, you have to get to the point where enough is enough and then nothing will stop you, you will always be motivated. You have to create that spark on your own then no matter what you will get it done weather you have a bad day or it’s raining or life is super busy you will find a way no matter what. So find out who you are and go get it, no one is going to do it for you!


Hares and hounds 50+km race was a success with some frustrating moments getting lost a few times eventually it all come back together🙏 Came in first place although not the time I was aiming for it was a fantastic journey and just like in life things don’t always go to plan but it’s how you deal with the challenges that count.


@Ryan Crawford congrats mate huge effort 
Damien Dau . 1 week ago

A day in the life of the white Kenyan🙏 I say it all the time but nothing beats dedication and hard work! 


Dedication is one of the keys to succeed in whatever path you choose, nothing beats hard work everyday. You might have some natural talent in your field but without the constant effort it will mean nothing if someone is willing to work harder. This is just another morning forward on my journey to finding what I’m capable and pushing my limitations. I believe the only competition for me is myself, never compare yourself with someone else, once you learn to control the mind you can become unstoppable.


You have to be a person who does what you expect others to do, no one wants to listen to some one that doesn’t practice what they preach. No one cares what you did yesterday what are you doing today to better yourself. It has to be a constant journey forward this was just another day forward for me doing what I can to always seek more of my self, every day the training can be different but always keep the same goals in mind that is to always be better in all areas of my life.


Go get it @Ryan Crawford 👊
Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago
Super rad @Ryan Crawford , super rad indeed.
Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

Another early morning run to work learn to find a way not find an excuse, anything is possible if you truely want it 


@Ryan Crawford just a casual marathon 👊
Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago
Holy foot fall. That's insane. @Ryan Crawford, you definitely have my vote. 🙌
Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

90km training run out to Mount Cordeaux to film the final footage of my documentary in the making, “The white Kenyan” stay tuned!! 


@Ryan Crawford! We’re really looking forward to seeing it!
Troy Archer . 4 weeks ago
Can’t wait 
Damien Dau . 4 weeks ago

Always searching for more inside 🙏 the best is yet to come!


Those shots! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Troy Archer . 1 month ago
Super exciting
Damien Dau . 1 month ago

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