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Perry Lambropoulos
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"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen" M.J.


Footballer - South Melbourne Soccer Club

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, Kobye Bryant

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  • Footabll & Business

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Being told your not good enough

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Perks of working from home during COVID....
Being able to workout on my lunch break! ?

Short 3km run with a sub 4'/km average pace. Tracking nicely towards the start of pre-season!


Beautiful day for a run today in Melbourne! Received a little offseason program earlier this week, and today was the first of many conditioning sessions!

Today's session was simple: 2 x 15 minute runs at 60-70% just to get the body moving!


Nice one Perry Lambropoulos - all the best for the week ahead.
Troy Archer . 6 months ago
Perry Lambropoulos nice solid set mate ?
. 6 months ago

Throwing it back to a time of pre COVID where social distancing and masks wasn’t mandatory in Melbourne Victoria.

Due to the stage 4 restrictions currently in place, football has been cancelled.

It’s been difficult trying to find ways to stay fit and active without training as a team

Can’t wait to get back into training and the upcoming season!


Feeling your pain Perry Lambropoulos , it's a crazy time to experience that's for sure. Here's hoping that restrictions ease real soon for Victoria.
ActivePlace . 6 months ago
Hang in there Perry, the upcoming season will be here before you know it, just make sure you're ready when the training starts again. Its's tough times like these that are given to us as a gift to make us better, stronger and more resilient.
Trent Allan . 6 months ago
Perry Lambropoulos welcome! Look forward to seeing your active life here ! Inspire us all.
. 6 months ago

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