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Paul Caneda what an inspiring article. Thank you for sharing this story. It puts things into perspective and that when you think life ‘sucks’ there’s always something to be grateful for.
Damien . 2 months ago
I love this Paul Caneda , thanks for sharing your story with anyone that comes across it.
Troy Archer . 2 months ago
Paul Caneda a great journey to health and happiness
Damien . 2 months ago
Can we let go of our personal ambition for the sake of lifting someone up because they deserve it more? 

Diego Mentriga did just that! He let his competitor James Teagle finish first when he took a wrong turn near the finish line. 

This is a truly remarkable example of not just sportsmanship but for me, exhibiting an admirable character that is far more important, inspiring, and lasting than just getting a podium finish. 


That’s absolutely awesome. What a legend.
Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago
Sportsmanship at its best 
Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago
Hector Picard is a man who lost both his arms in an electrocution accident. 

He did not let this accident make him lose his zest for life. So years after his accident, he completed 115 triathlons, 4 of which are Ironman-distance races. 

The video shows him doing a cross-country cycling trip to help support a child who is also a bilateral amputee. 

We can all achieve far more than what we think we are capable of when we take action to make the most out of our life. 


Awesome story Paul. Thanks for sharing. 
Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago
One of the good things that came out from trying to go vegan is I was forced to look for a milk alternative as I love my morning cafe latte.
As I have discovered, Almond Milk is way better and so here is my own homemade all-natural almond milk.

Best way to savor a cup of cafe latte!


I'm here in ActivePlace because everybody is about moving forward!


A broken internet at home led me to travel 80 kilometers to my son's house but brought about a welcome run to where I graduated from college.
You can't find any place like this in the city!


Paul Caneda looks like a beautiful place to run.
Damien Dau . 2 months ago
Looks like a beautiful day too Paul Caneda!
Troy Archer . 2 months ago

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