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Out for a morning walk and sunshine.


#antistress #ashwagandha


I got my wife @Joan Perez into kettlebells! 💪⛳️😘

#homeworkout #strongwoman


Make sure she doesn't swing it in front of that lovely mirror! I love kettlebell swings but I know how hard the bell can be to hold on to once you do a few and start to sweat
Trent Allan . 4 weeks ago

Looking forward to getting back to the court and smashing with these.

I challenge you @Paul Caneda, loser buys the winner lunch. â›³ï¸ðŸ±


Challenge accepted @Michael Perez! 😊

I would love a "free lunch"!!! 😁
Paul Caneda . 1 month ago

#SuperFood Chia seeds. A great discovery in my health and fitness journey.


That one good thing brought about by the pandemic-- Zoom workouts! 

Because of it, chatting and working out with my best buds have been a regular morning routine. And by having training partners with a similar mindset and goals, every workout session is fun and I last longer. I also learned new things about how to keep fit and healthy from my workout buddies. 

Despite some of us going back to our normal work schedule thus having less time, and despite living on different sides of the world, we're now 10 months in and going strong. ðŸ’ªðŸ’ªðŸ’ª


Doing my usual kettlebell workout to start the weekend.


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