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DAY 17//365

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DAY 12//365

DAY 11/365

Michael Donald rough day out there. Inspiring mate

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

DAY 10/365

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The absolutely simplicity of this is what makes it super inspiring Michael Donald

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago


DAY 1 Running....

So I've decided to set myself a goal to run every day for a whole year...that's every single day for 365 days in aid of sponsoring the Shepherd Centre, Wollongong, an organisation very close to our family...we have been extremely fortunate to have had the support of the guys at the The Shepherd Centre for our daughter Indiana over the last year. Indi was born with profound bi-lateral hearing loss in both ears - Not sure what we would have done without them.

Over the last 31 days I've been successful in running daily so am now confident, ready and highly motivated to go live and push on for the next 11 months!

I'll be looking to run 3900km over the year...which is the equivalent of running Sydney to Perth at an average of 10.7km/day.

Follow me daily on Instagram, Strava & Garmin Connect to see how I'm tracking.
If you would like to sponsor me $1/day over the course of the year, with all proceeds going to the Shepherd Centre via my Go Fund Me page. Any support would be incredibly appreciated!!✌️

Michael Donald what a great cause and mission. Good luck with it all. Please keep us updated here on ActivePlace along the way.

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

@michaeldonald - good luck buddy, we're all cheering from the sidelines.

Jay Woods . 3 weeks ago

That's epic mate. I bet your little girl is so super proud of you now and will be forever. Amazing.

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

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