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Mother of Marathons; Toddler Wrangler; FIT CEO & petrified flyer. Run the World; See the World. Be kind. Be more. Be outdoors & just keep running. Happy days. Tri-seeker.

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Winter is Coming: Gear Up & Get Ready

I hate the cold. Says the woman who only drinks ice coffee all year round, has run in Antarctica, and currently trains in the winter of Boston, MA. But seriously, the cold and I, we do not get along. I suffer from a condition called Raynaud's Disease. That coupled with my hypothyroidism is the perfect cold brew for one fr


From Marathons to IronMan – Watch Me Tri Week 1

The magnitude of IronMan should have been obvious from the onset - especially the ticket shock on my face as I clicked the finalize registration button for IronMan Texas and almost 4 figures zipped away from my bank account in a click. But, no...obvious did not slap me in the face. As a marathoner, pair of sneakers, pavement, get going. So I thoug

Kelly McLay so it begins. Have fun out there.
Damien Dau . 2 months ago

Today I am inspired by so many firsts and by the message of paving the way for others.  Lead others to join you and excel together. Pave the way for the future. 

Dare to dream. Shatter the glass ceiling. Hear HER roar. 

You never know who you’re Inspiring...



Apart from my own Mum, or my Wife, I couldn't imagine a more inspiring Mom than you @Kelly McLay 🙌
Troy Archer . 6 days ago

Keep trying. Keep believing. Keep doing & Just keep going. 


Amen to this message @Kelly McLay 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Troy Archer . 1 week ago

Know what makes a long indoor session fly by? Friends. Thanks @Scott Coey for keeping me honest. 

Across time zones, across continents, four laps up Box Hill...

#zwifttraining #zwift 


Team work makes the dream work !
Damien Dau . 1 week ago
Too much smiling.....want to see more pain !!
Damien Dau . 1 week ago
Training strong and hard Kelly.....eye on the prize 
Scott Coey . 4 days ago

As I made breakfast in prep for an early morning workout, I was surprised (and had a chuckle) at my daughters design upgrades to our butter dish; the whole family is training. Guess she was telling me to get after it. 

It’s the weekend; make it epic! 

#badassbutter #tritraining #motivationalmessage 

#badassbutter #tritraining #motivationalmessage 

Do they make this hat in kids size? 😝#bettydesigns 


Do epic shit.... Love it 
Trent Allan . 2 weeks ago

Yesterday was an intense day here. Just like any training, when things get too intense it’s important to release the tension.  

Resolve: massage time.  I could feel the release of toxins, the blood flow, my breath relaxed and my body settle. 

If you do not have access to a massage right now, it’s always good to roll it out!  I’ll leave you with this perfectly imperfect roll out session from this summer! Quads/IT/Glutes...hurts so good!

How do you release the tension?


Well that’s one way to use it; how she rolls. 😂😂

#foamrolling #tp_therapy


Fresh snow, fresh air, fresh tracks.  Snowy run to sledding fun & a whole lot of shoveling 🙄😬. 

#happyrunning #fitfam 


Brrr 🥶 early morning swim & cold (felt like 7F) run this AM, but all cozy in my Balegas...Love these socks.  Warm feet in cold weather.  Plus, If the littles can sing outside, figured I could run outside. Bracing for a .5m snowy run tomorrow! 







Building Strength - Today's focus - committing to doing the little things I hate doing.  

My quads may be strong - but (and I am sure some runners can relate) my hip, gluteus, abductor, adductor & hamstring muscles are WEAK! And of course, my track record for self care outside of the set workout is waning. However, my EOY theme is tri-ing - so here we go. Plus, let's be real, its what I need to do to keep my body healthy.  

Sharing a quick little, glute/hammy burn with tiny spice of core, TRX rows ( @TRX by TCB desperately seeking creativity - please ) and touching my toes (check). Happy training!  

3 x 10 Hamstring Curl on Exercise Ball

3 x 10 Side Plank Clam w/Band (not pictured)

2 x 2-Minute plank w/10 Up-Downs per side  

3 x 12 TRX Rows

2 x 10 Single Leg Hamstring Curl on Exercise Ball

3 x 10 Leg Lifts

3 x 10 Resistance Band Side Steps (each side) (not pictured) 

#getafterit #ranlikekell #tritraining 


Awesome video Kelly... Love the workouts, the plank is my favourite
Trent Allan . 1 month ago
TY @Trent Allan - working on being a more compliant patient !!! 
Kelly McLay . 1 month ago
Hey Kelly, sorry for the slow response on this - I need to work out how to get the notifications through on email so I don't miss any @ mentions again! There's loads more you can do to with the TRX to target your glutes, hamstrings, adductors and abductors, I'll drop you a message with some ideas 😊
Tom Cuff-Burnett . 1 month ago

After an early morning ride 🚴 - in what will be a very challenging training week - i treated myself to a morning coffee (always iced). However after seeing this I’m not sure if I’m in trouble or the week is already smiling at me...🤨😬😝

Winning or doomed? We shall see...

#itsmonday #winning #happymonday #getafterit

#itsmonday #winning #happymonday #getafterit


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