Jay Woods


Run: Vondelpark Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vondelpark is by no means a new frontier when it comes to running tracks in the city. It’s been a shangri la for the Dutch since 1877. Today, the 47 hectares is a melting pot locals, ex-pats, tourists, lovers, larrikins and everyone in between. Use the Google plus code below to get to the start...

Sick run, was this your local when you lived there?

Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

Run: Camp Cove to Diamond Bay, Sydney

I’m unashamedly partial to a body of water that houses enjoyable waves or a running track in close proximity to a city. So, here’s a photo a kilometre or thereabouts along some of Sydney finest running tracks. Use the Google plus codes below to get to the start or finish, whichever end you decide. Enjoy,...

I'll have to do this run with you one day Jay, it looks pretty cool 😎

Trent Allan . 2 weeks ago

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