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James McCleery
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Hey, I'm James, a plant-based endurance athlete and outdoor adventurer from Melbourne. I'm the founder of Hike & Seek and Nosht Oceania and I'm throwing everything I have at the sport of Triathlon. Let's get it!

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@gozwift @gozwiftausnz has really made lockdown much less painful. Fingers crossed we get some good news this Sunday and can start riding up and down Beach Road again. I won’t miss the amount of washing I’ve been doing in lockdown. Towels for days.


James McCleery stay safe on Beach Rd. Can be like 5pm peak hour! 
Damien Dau . 4 months ago

It's looking like my next race will be Geelong 70:3 in February which will mean a whole year has passed since I raced an Ironman event. Although I have missed the racing this year, I have used this time wisely and have built a solid base with big improvements in all 3 disciplines. 2021 is shaping up to be a massive year with a few 70.3's, Ironman's (New Zealand & Busso), and Ultraman Australia locked in. Let's get it! 


My legs hurt just reading that man! Big big props to you for going after it ????
Troy Archer . 4 months ago
Go get it James!
Trent Allan . 4 months ago

The 2021 Ultraman Australia (additional) athletes have been announced. Congratulations to all of those who made the cut. It's a real shame that the event was unable to run this year (thanks rona) but understandable nonetheless. I can't wait to get to Noosa next year and race this epic race alongside you all. Happy training.


James McCleery look forward seeing you on the start line.......crazy distances!!!
. 6 months ago
Damien - I think this needs to be added to the Bucket list!
Scott Coey . 6 months ago

You haven’t saved posted