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Haydn Elliott

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I’m Haydn Elliott, your host of The Inspiration Space. As you get to know the podcasts and listen to more episodes, I hope you feel you will get to know me a lot better and share my enthusiasm for life and the wonderful guests that I have on the show. The journey of ‘The Inspiration Space’ is an interesting one. This podcast was created as an outlet for me to learn, become inspired and work my way through my mental health difficulties in my early 20’s, with the dual intention of helping others going through a similar journey. Aside from running this podcast I am the Co-owner/operator of F45 Oxford Circus. F45 is the fastest fitness franchise in the world, executing HIIT in a group based environment is a huge passion of mine and F45 does it better than anyone else in the world. If you don't believe me come and experience it for yourself.


Anyone Else Have a BIG August?

Maybe it's just me but I had a VERY excessive August. Maybe it's down to being in Lockdown for the 4 months. Maybe it's because my work life has been an upward battle. Maybe I'm just making excuses? More likely the latter. I ate in a huge surplus. I trained far too much. I drank more alcohol than I usually would and I worked&n

This does not make me feel confident for Thursday!
Scott Coey . 3 months ago
Starting Haydn “beast mode”
Scott Coey . 3 months ago
Haydn Elliott love the last quote.
Everything in moderation......
. 3 months ago
ActivePlace . 3 months ago

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