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Gary Mulholland
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Training from home

In March 2020 the eve before Lockdown, while the rest of New Zealand and the world was running around stocking up on items like toilet paper, food and other essential items, Gaz was seen running from sporting good store to sporting good store to find himself some gym equipment for home. And on his search, he was able to acquire 2 x kettlebells, 1

Nice read Gary Mulholland ... probably the fittest man in NZ today. Thanks for sharing!
Jay Woods . 6 months ago
Gary Mulholland way to keep the kiwis healthy and active during such a hard time for everyone. Inspiring work mate.
. 6 months ago

Delivery! Huge thanks to the team at Under Armour for the box! ?

Project Rock head to toe, ready to go! ??


Hell yes Gary Mulholland - that was epic!
ActivePlace . 6 months ago
hahaha, too good man Gary Mulholland.
Jay Woods . 6 months ago
Damien Dau . 6 months ago

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