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My Body is Attacking Itself

In an ideal world, my first article would be a gripping account about one of the many times I achieved a feat of athletic greatness, finding something deep inside that pushed me to overcome all odds, snatching victory from the snarling jaws of certain defeat and earning myself another fat paycheck (that meant nothing to me because I do i

Dave Lydiard thanks for sharing your story. Injuries are a killer and adjusting to a new norm of active can be hard. I fee you mate! Looking forward to that Lime soda!
Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago
Elabana Falls and Picnic Rock Trail is a ~7km out and back trail (closer to 8km if you scurry about, looking for blue crayfish like I did) located in Lamington National park Queensland. As with a number of other trails in the area, access is found via the Border Track located a short walk from O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat.

The morning I made the drive out wasn't particularly inviting - overcast with a high chance of rain - but I feel the weather added more than it detracted from the experience. Intermittent, light showers delicately misting through the rainforest canopy made for a calming stroll and I'd hazard a guess that the clouds kept a few people indoors and the trail quiet.

If you were on a mission, you could probably power through the trail in a couple of hours. The path is an easy walk with the only mildly tricky section being the scramble over boulders to reach the cascading waterfall. I was in no rush and took it really slow, stopping many times to admire ancient trees, search for birds and the aforementioned blue crayfish, and watch bugs do bug things.

I really enjoyed walking the trail and will be hitting it again, once I've checked out a few others in the area.


Dave Lydiard love the shots. On my to do list for sure 👍
Damien Dau . 4 days ago

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