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Nothing better after a big workout in scorching temperatures! A bucket of water over the head 💦

IM Malaysia 🇲🇾 2018. One of the most beautiful places to race......but also one of the hottest and humid places to race! It can be brutal out there.....😰

Shane Smith and the @Tri Travel team briefing in the athletes before a swim session at the IRONMAN World Champs. A great brand to follow on ActivePlace. 👍

One of the best swim starts you will see. IRONMAN New Zealand 2018. Cant wait to see this race back in 2021.

Tour Down Under. Final day and the heat is on! Epic race and a must see for any fan!

How good does it feel when you are not motivated for your workout and push through and get it done. During the workout something ‘clicks over’ and your all of a sudden in a zone. Some may call it endorphins? Whatever it might’s awesome 👌

I call it persistence!

Trent Allan . 1 week ago

Epic stuff Damien Dau !

Troy Archer . 1 week ago

You can't beat the vibe and buzz in the air the days leading into the World Champs in Kona. It's like no other race on the planet! Super cool. 😎

It’s very unfortunate for the first time ever we will miss the IRONMAN World Champs event in October. Which means the famous ‘Undie Run’ will need to wait 😂

Really enjoying my morning Zwift ride. Great workout to get the day started.

Challenge Roth, simply one of the best triathlons in the world. Riding up Solar Hill is like being in the Tour de France!


Miles Back . 2 weeks ago

Best attractions in Mornington Peninsula

Things to do in Mornington Peninsula The Mornington Peninsula is the ultimate short trip from Melbourne. It’s got a laid-back beachside atmosphere, piers that stretch into the endless ocean, dreamy coastal bushland, dramatic rocky bays, and turquoise ocean pools. Then there’s the exhilarating hiking tracks, hedge mazes, a strawberry farm,

ActivePlace Is Yours

On behalf of the team at ActivePlace we welcome you to a new home! This home is all about your health. This home is all about your wellness. This home is all about your active life. Whether you are a top athlete, just getting started, or everything in between. ActivePlace is a social platform specialized...

Love this. What a journey to be on!

Miles Back . 2 weeks ago