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session in a bottle..

A short clip as we migrate swimtips from the stairwell to swimtips from the shed now I have moved and have some more space. My posh shed is where the magic happens, swim sessions, ideas, new kit. How do you make swimmers faster is all I have asked of myself regardless of the swimmer. Different swimmers need different help.SWIMTIPS FROM THE SHEDWha


Back to the Water

Despite 3months of stretch cords, diligently practiced 3x per week with my Zoom class when I did finally get back into the water it really felt bad. In 45years of swimming I do not think I had ever taken this amount of time out of the water. To my clients I offer them these words of wisdom when they ask how often they should practice 'one session

What your saying is now a good time to challenge you to that swim race?
Scott Coey . 3 months ago

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Our new run bottle is available, mini training plan across 5+1 sessions on the bottle, full support from the website. We have a new run section. Order the 4pack for the pool and I will include a free run bottle.


#weswam a variation on Silver Mainset 5 #sessioninabottle - Rest 30 between all swims until the 100s

500 fins and paddles 

400 FC breathing every 5th

300 pull& paddles , (PB in alternating up/down positions

200 kick focus or Body position drills

100 build from 60 to 80% 

into 15 x 100m strong (at least as fast as the last previous 100), rest 20. 3km set


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