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1 swim per week is 6 days of unlearning to swim.


After a long career as an elite swimmer I switched to Triathlon in the late 90s and lots of people asked me how I swam like I did. I did not really know what to tell them. I knew a lot about swim technique having been fascinated for years but not how to teach/coach it. I was getting a little stale with my computing career so my sister and I set up as she was already a swim teacher and did know a lot about teaching swimming. It worked well, that was 2002. I became qualified soon after but mostly provided demos and filming/technology to assist underwater swim analysis from my previous profession.

2002 we dabbled part-time but soon after there were enough requests for swim help that my sister and I took Swim For Tri full time and quit our old jobs. It was a pioneering time in that no one had addressed this particular group of swimmers who we initially worked with. You either learned to swim young and progressed through a club or avoided swimming as an adult. No one was teaching adults how to swim faster. We needed new drills, new methods, to understand the way adults learned new skills, how to get nervous adults comfortable in group situations. There was much to do!

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I’m inspired by
  • @speedo, fast swimming, @drag2zero, aerodynamics and fluid dynamics, beautiful water that makes you want to swim (visit Lake Geneva)

I’m passionate about
  • Helping people swim faster, further or achieve any personal goals. This is why my sister and I set up

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The toughest thing I’ve overcome

Breaking down barriers to swimming for nervous adults and those with disabilities. Lots has been written on the Mental Health positives associated with swimming. The physical benefits are also well known. It is a wonderfully beneficial sport regardless of racing/taking part/enjoying for fitness but there are barriers to fully enjoying the activity. The mechanics of propulsion of course but also confidence and overcoming any fears. We can teach people how to swim, to help them swim faster, teach them to swim confidently in openwater which to share with someone can be a magical journey. The water is just a special environment since most of us will not go into space but we can experience that weightlessness and sense of freedom. Having taught butterfly to a Tetraplegia swimmer and seen how the water freed their movements compared to on land that was special. It is unfair more do not get to enjoy the water.

My achievements


The Christmas Silly Swim

The Swimming Silly Season – on the 87th 100m of Christmas my Swim Coach gave to me. 7 breaths per length….4 kicks per arm cycle, 25 strokes over 25m and a pullbouy between my ankles…. you get the idea…I called this article ‘Silly Season’ since it is the time of year when overly long swimming sets seem to take


session in a bottle..

A short clip as we migrate swimtips from the stairwell to swimtips from the shed now I have moved and have some more space. My posh shed is where the magic happens, swim sessions, ideas, new kit. How do you make swimmers faster is all I have asked of myself regardless of the swimmer. Different swimmers need different help.SWIMTIPS FROM THE SHEDWha

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Out for a run today? Get some guidance from our #run bottle. Sessions prepared by Olympic Coach Steve Trew. #running #triathlon #parkrun #parkrunuk

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These are great @dan bullock - do you have anything to stop my knees from hurting so much? 😂
Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago
That's a great idea! I don't know how many times my session gets soaked and turns into soggy notes.
Natalie Arnold . 3 weeks ago

If you have access to a pool this lockdown wonderful. If you need some dryland swim training guidance, this might help -


Many pools now closed, need some dryland swimming? I filmed & saved all of LD1 stretch cord sessions- hope these help -


Less pool time & more dryland training in 2021? Let’s hope not but what are my dryland options? The topic of my @VEnduranceConference lecture last month. Now available onYT. Link -


Our new run bottle is available, mini training plan across 5+1 sessions on the bottle, full support from the website. We have a new run section. Order the 4pack for the pool and I will include a free run bottle.


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