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Green #swimtechnique #sessioninabottle now available. Special price to order all 4 models we now have available. #triathlon #openwater no more soggy mess at the end of poolside!

If you are contemplating a long swim next year how about this one? Our relay/blog has been featured on the Lake Geneva Swim Association website -

I have so much respect for people that can swim long distance, amazing, and what a beautiful place dan bullock .

Troy Archer . 1 week ago

Dan - you said you wanted to do this solo.....Wookiee is your wing man...

Scott Coey . 1 week ago

Forgive the shameless plug but while Pools are not letting us back in for lessons yet our swim school is struggling. A while back we developed our first intelligent training aid - a water bottle with 6 FC mainsets cleverly incorporated allowing swimmers to continue training outside of our fitness sessions. Since then it has grown to include 3 fitness bottles with mainsets spanning different focused distances which have shipped all around the world. We are now adding a technical bottle focusing on swim technique supported by a designated website - with drills demo'd and swim tips. Please drop me a line for more info [email protected] Thankyou

You mean i don't have to write out a session on a posted note and stick it to a water bottle and than try and read the set as it gets soaked!! CRAZY TALK!!

Scott Coey . 3 weeks ago

You know this whole Covid thing has brought out some epic thinking! Love this dan bullock .

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

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