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"Be micro-ambitious and see what happens as you pursue short-term goals". Tim Minchin


Born and  growing up on the Gold Coast  my years spent in the Southeast Queensland area living and loving here , have made me the person I  am today. 

Working with food then with poeple  I bring my cretivity and love of place ,events and people to my photography . 

Wiith the meduim of photography my goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people places and moments in life .

My recent focus has been on photographing enents peple and places in and around my life.     

 My work places people in real life  situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. Il

My ActivePlace 5:

I’m inspired by
  • People who are humble 
I’m passionate about
  • Living life, changing mindsets and being healthly 
My favourite events
I train with
The toughest thing I’ve overcome

Understand we all have selfworht and changing negative thinking

My achievements

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A moment in time 


What a great shot! 
Troy Archer . 2 months ago

Phew GC 50 photos done wow hot day well done everyone

Have a Quick look



Ready to take some shots of you all on the course tomorrow. Keep a eye out for me. Good luck!!!!!?


Out early today taking photos of the yoga. Was a hot one and going to be hotter Sunday 

Good luck everyone

See some of my shots at


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