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What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. BUDDHA


For me, it's great having a change of pace from training to achieve a goal. A new focus around my health and wellness involving meditation, outdoor hiking and mountain biking with my family has provided me with much enjoyment. There's lots of ways to stay fit and healthy while enjoying a fun social element. Get out there!

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The constant injuries and my hip replacement have been a battle in my life....I love exercising and its tough when it's taken away from you. I found having something to focus on, a plan around how you will achieve your focus, and then the drive and consistency to get up everyday. This has enabled me to shift to things I can achieve physically while still enjoying the process along the way.

My achievements


Hiking around Marble Canyon

This hike was an out and back 4 mile that could be rated as a difficult hike. There’s plenty of basic climbing and navigating through canyons and large rocks. A suitable hike to complete during the summer months with shelter from the canyon walls.We had lots of great experiences along the trail which offered some challenges for our kids


Bryce Canyon National Park

On our recent road trip we stopped over in Bryce Canyon which is located in the Southern area of Utah.
This is one unique place with rock formations and hiking like I have never seen before. Some of the best hiking includes the trails:Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden TrailPeekaboo Loop TrailWall Street Trail
There is so many more exciting hikes


Climbing Cucamonga Peak

Cacamonga Peak is out in the Mount Baldy region, California. It sits at just under 9,000 feet in height.
Taking off mid afternoon, Preston and I hiked 15 miles with an elevation gain of 4,500 feet. A casual 6 hours of hiking in one day! I'm not too sure who was the most tired.
The views from the top were well worth the effort and is a hike I hi

Claudine Dau you will need to come on the next one!
Damien Dau . 6 months ago

When they don’t even realise they are exercising 😁


To help others and serve. We all need it especially during recent times. Once it starts it’s amazing how it spreads 🙏 😃


Trialing our hiking food today before we head out on our multi day adventures. Gourmet risotto, just add water! 

Actually really tasty 😋 


Morning Wednesday ritual run with the family. Great to have some structure for everyone 👊


For winter we are blessed with this weather. Iron Mountain just inland from San Diego is a nice way to check out things from above. 


The final summit from today’s hike up to Suicide Rocks in Idyllwild. An hour out from Palm Springs. Such an amazing view. So fortunate 😃


haha, how good is the background commentary @Damien Dau 
Jay Woods . 2 weeks ago
Yer @Jay Woods im not big on heights. 
Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

As we head into a new year I find this is a nice reminder for us all. Setting our intention is a great non judging way for change. 🙏


 Nice little hike to get us started @Idyllwild. 


If I only looked as cool as my avatar!! 😂


Happy New Year to everyone. Here’s to your health, wellness and personal growth. Out of every hard time comes learnings and development. Take your learnings and make 2021 your best year yet! 🚀


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Love this. What a journey to be on!
Miles Back . 6 months ago