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I’m the creative director of professional development and connections company, Business Chicks. I’m stuck behind a computer most days so I balance this by daily meditation and a few visits to the gym every week. At the moment I’m enjoying KX Pilates classes too. My big goal for this year is to reduce the chemicals and single use plastics in our home and lifestyle.

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Working from home has allowed me to rekindle my love for swimming, with quick dips before the working day begins. 

Not only does it set me up for the day feeling cooled off with a clear mind, no one can talk to me while I swim laps, I can’t check emails or slack messages, all I can do is follow the black lines on the bottom of the pool.



How good is it when fitness meets therapy @Cecilia Blakeley! That black line wants nothing from you, all it wants to do is help you get to where you're going, and tell you in advance when you need to get ready to stop. Love it.
Troy Archer . 1 month ago
great looking pool, where is it please?
dan bullock . 1 month ago
@dan bullock  Surry Hills in Sydney, just within the Price Albert park.
Cecilia Blakeley . 1 month ago
*Prince Alfred park... bloody autocorrect
Cecilia Blakeley . 1 month ago

 @Trent Allan in the midst of The Murph!!! Update to come!

#themurph #heroworkout 


Starting the weekend right with a morning coastal walk in Sydney (with the lure of breakfast at the end, of course ?)


To be free as a bird!! Got to witness this launch into the infinite a few days ago at Cape Byron - what freedom! Now, would I ever try? ? Never say never! 


Brand new #oura ring ready for action; tracking activity, sleep, steps, temperature and heart rate... now to quit lounging around in the sun and getting to it ??


Tell us more about this Oura Ring you speak of Cecilia Blakeley !
ActivePlace . 6 months ago
ActivePlace Trent Allan has to be the biggest fan of this smart right... he claims it’s saved his health more than once by temperature and recovery warnings! He’s now made an Oura a disciple of me too!
Cecilia Blakeley . 6 months ago

Thoroughly enjoying this book, Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart, in an effort to implement more organic food choices, less plastic and eventually eliminate as many toxins as we can from our home.


Great journey to be on Cecilia Blakeley, love this! Sarah Archer and I are on the same journey in our house!
Troy Archer . 6 months ago
Alexx Stuart did a webinar on Business Chicks recently. Great podcast too!
Kerri Siggs . 6 months ago
Thanks Cecilia Blakeley i will pass this onto Claudine Dau
Damien Dau . 6 months ago
So funny Kerri Siggs i work for Business Chicks, that’s how I found out about her too!!
Cecilia Blakeley . 6 months ago


Raspberry protein bread recipe

Raspberry Protein Bread (post training / anytime
snack)Makes 10 slicesServing size = 2 slicesIngredients400g can
of chickpeas1 cup
almond meal½ cup
wholemeal flour½ cup of
skim milk or nut milk3 tbsp
of raw cacao powder¼ cup of
stevia or 1 ripe banana1 tsp of
baking powder2 tsp
cinnamonPinch of
salt1.5 cups
of frozen raspberri