What are the core features of ActivePlace?

Tailored Content ActivePlace is yours, so it’s critical that you have the ability to easily tailor what you want to see. If you’re a cyclist that’s also interested in hiking, nutrition, and yoga, then you should select those interests when you sign up so you get to see that stuff. You can always add more via the Interests Page later too, adjust your Preferences from the Profile DropDown, or let ActivePlace adjust intuitively in line with your on-platform behaviour. We currently have the following Interests Categories: Running, Trail Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Triathlon, Adventure, Active Leisure, Brands and Gear, General Fitness, Health and Nutrition, Yoga and Pilates, Training, Wellness. Profile Pages People and Businesses each have a Profile Page. We see them as one of the most critical components of your ActivePlace experience so will add features to them regularly. Your Profile Page has your Articles, Updates, Saved Articles, and Drafts all cataloged. Drafts are only visible by the owner of the Profile Page and sit within your Articles Tab. Saved Articles are visible publicly. Business Pages do not have the ability to Save Articles to the Business Profile Page. Content Content is a critical element of your ActivePlace experience. Content helps you create connections, build awareness, build and develop trust, and are the stepping stones toward life’s defining moments. On ActivePlace, Content comes in a few forms and will evolve over time. For now, it’s all about Articles, Updates, High Fives, Commentary, Sharing and Saving. Let’s unpack these here. What are Articles? Articles are published by you into their relevant Interest Categories. They contain lots of words, are supported by great photos and videos that help tell the story. They have the undeniable potential to inspire and change lives. Your Articles can be Searched, Saved and Shared by others in the ActivePlace Community, helping you reach countless people. Incomplete Articles are automatically parked in your Drafts Tab until you publish them.