It is the morning of 1st January 2021, which would normally involve participating in my local Parkrun. On this occasion however, I wake up to media coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic and a strong sense of déjà vu. This feeling is reaffirmed when lockdown 3.0 is announced just a few days later.Although the rollout of Covid-19 vaccine

Out early today taking photos of the yoga. Was a hot one and going to be hotter Sunday 

Good luck everyone

See some of my shots at



Run Yoga Run!

There are so many benefits to be had by learning about Yoga in general, but did you know that many runners have been using yoga as part of their training since the ancient times? You won't typically see someone running the path and doing a downward dog at the same time, (please post about it if you do though!) but the yoga that takes place co

Off on an adventure north to the cape (if the wet season allows us), waiting to board the ferry to Fraser now. Teewah and Rainbow Beach were amazing! 

We've made a commitment to daily Yoga, surf and far, so good!


So awesome Steve Versace! Can't wait to see how it unfolds! Travel safely! 
Troy Archer . 4 months ago
Wow! Looks amazing! That ocean!!
Cecilia Blakeley . 4 months ago

A breathing and stretching session accompanied by a short story about vision, all I need now is a damn good coffee and I’ll be unstoppable. Hello Monday! ?


That was the best 45mins of the day so far...



Team Work makes the Dream Work!

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.".... Benjamin FranklinSo that's what I did, I got my other half John Brame involved in some lockdown shenanigans. Being constantly bombarded by social media inspiration it was hard not to think, "hmmm....I could do that." Of course John was always less enthusiastic th

Hamilton is not happy he is excluded
Scott Coey . 5 months ago
Scott Coey more like...."now what are they doing FFS"
Marsha . 5 months ago
That’s awesome. ???
Troy Archer . 5 months ago

I started my day with No.7 on this nice list from Staminade. Priming myself for the day ahead... super nice to stretch to the sounds of birds (and the occasional truck) in the distance, haha. PS. That is not me in the photo, incase you were wondering...


Stretching first thing in the are set up for the day!?
Marsha . 6 months ago
Marsha too right hey, i have to make sure that I make it a lasting habit...
Troy Archer . 6 months ago
I bet Scott Coey does!
Marsha . 6 months ago


Challenge Yourself

Finding the perfect back drop for my "handstand comeback' at 5:45am was a challenge, not so much where, but if?? Hyde Park Corner.... easy, The Wellington Arch...perfect, now it was a matter of can I do it? Too many times we doubt ourselves and consequently miss opportunities that could have been amazing for us. Before I had my cancer surgery I li

Marsha - thank you for the inspiration, I absolutely love this.
Troy Archer . 6 months ago
I want to see the one hander
Scott Coey . 6 months ago
Love it Marsha ?
Trent Allan . 6 months ago
Love this!
Cecilia Blakeley . 6 months ago
Heidi . 6 months ago
Heidi . 6 months ago


Who Knew Yoga Could Look So Good

Yoga Movement rolled their rubber mats out to Singapore's cultural consciousness in 2012, with the notion and firm belief that they'd deliver the best service to those that subscribed to their movement. Suffice to say they've achieved this and a lot more. Yoga Movement is a step bigger than a brand, perhaps it's even a step bigger than

Jay Woods this is my type of yoga studio. Bring it on.....
Damien Dau . 6 months ago
Damien Dau ... Isn't it amazing, they're killing it out there.
Jay Woods . 6 months ago


Move from your head to your heart

When it all feels like it's 'spinning out of control', anchor yourself to something that helps grounds you, even better, something that awakens feelings of beauty in you. Something that moves you away from your head and into your heart. ⁠Nature for me, has that potency. This image is from a special place in my heart in Eastern Bali, i have


How Yoga teaches you to slow down, and readies you to speed up.

Let’s be clear, this is an interview about Yoga and about travelling to beautiful places, but first, let’s get something really important out of the way. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?No, I can’t. But I can put my leg behind my head, lol.That’s good to know! Let’s talk about how Yoga came into your life.I h

Great article. The healing week sounds just what I need! ?
Damien Dau . 6 months ago


Does a strong core help with posture?

So, your shoulders or knees are sore, or your back is tight, but you
haven’t done anything out of the norm – you’ve trained the same way, your week
has been the same and you can’t work out why this has happened. Sound
familiar?If this is you, then there’s a good chance that your posture is letting
you down.


Leg Tracking for cyclists

Have you seen a cyclist who rides with their knees sticking out to the side?You've probably seen them, but did you know that poor leg tracking such as this has a
number of negative impacts on a cyclist?Poor leg tracking can be seen when a cyclist's knees point out rather
than tracking in line with the hip and foot. Poor leg tracking can also


Why is posture important to runners

How desk
posture increases your likelihood of pain, injury and limits your maximum
power.So, how exactly
can a poor desk posture while working contribute to increased pain, likelihood
of injury and limit your overall power when running? To understand this
further, we’ll look at why rounded shoulders and a tight back may occur in runners
as w


Five ways to maintain health during isolation

By Ashlie LopezActing on the basis of
government advisories, international protocols and mane ESA doctors review reports, millions of people around the world are living in
a state of lockdown. This is necessary for us to be safe, but at the same time,
it creates challenges for our health—mental as well as physical.This is because w


Why yoga is great for athletes

Yoga has been practiced in some cultures for hundreds of years, but more recently it’s become increasingly popular all over the world, with all kinds of people. Yes, whilst many like to dismiss yoga lovers as ‘those bloody hippies’, it’s no longer just the preachers of peace and love who swear by it, now so indeed do a l


The benefits of yoga for overall fitness

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, originating in India thousands of
years ago. It has only recently become increasingly popular within Western
societies. You might just think it’s another one of these fads, like avocado on
toast, or Pokemon Go. But let’s hope it’s not, because practicing yoga is
incredibly beneficial for us.


Best ways to get a full body workout outside of the gym

course, we all know that liftings weights, if done properly, is a great way to
stay in shape and remain healthy. But often lifting weights day in day out can
get extremely dull, and you can quickly find your motivation decreasing as it
becomes more of a chore than an exciting challenge. That’s why we’ve come up
with a load of o


10 Ways to exercise at home

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, it’s all too easy to suddenly fall into sedentary routines, and maybe nowadays the only exercise you’re doing is walking from your home office to the fridge and back again.

Well, there’s no shame in that – it’s important to keep your spirits up with some tasty treats! But a


Importance of good form in training

Why awareness of movement and focussing on technique can improve your performance and reduce injuries.
As athletes become more serious about their performance, they will often look for ways to improve their power and speed, which will usually involve increasing the frequency and intensity of their training in order to achieve this.Initially, incre


Tight hip flexors and posture improvement through Pilates

Why sitting for long hours at your desk can weaken your glutes and impact on your running
Weakness in the hips and glutes is common amongst those of us with a sedentary lifestyle. If our glutes aren’t working to their full capacity, then other muscles will have to overwork to pick up the slack. Because of this, many runners I’ve met ar

Helpful tips
. 7 months ago


Polishing the spaces in between.

Yoga practices such as asana enable us to feel there’s something animating our physical form.Yoga practices such as mediation enable us to watch our minds think, to realise that we must be more than the mind, if we can sit back and watch it generate thoughts.This is the power of these practices. They show rather than tell us, who we really a


6 Benefits of Pilates

By Indianna Franke – The Living Well Studio

We at The Living Well Studio argue that you need to be conditioned to participate well in your chosen sport, the sport itself won’t make you conditioned. Physio based pilates is an invaluable tool for this conditioning. It is a service we provide where we marry the art and scienc


ActivePlace Is Yours

On behalf of the team at ActivePlace we welcome you to a new home!

This home is all about your health.

This home is all about your wellness.

This home is all about your active life.

Whether you are a top athlete, just getting started, or everything in between. ActivePlace is a social platform specialized to your health and active lifestyle

Love this. What a journey to be on!
Miles Back . 7 months ago