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Eat like Ryan Miller and Ash Thomo meal plans are now live on the website.

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Best Dessert options #1
My go to is YoPro ice-creams. Close to 100 cals per pop 10g of protein and no added sugar. They taste so amazing it almost unbelievable you are just eating yoghurt. Flavours include salted caramel, mint and mocha. Im a salted caramel fan. 

Can find these guys at any major supermarket.


I’ve seen these! They’ll be in my trolley next time @Ash Thomo Nutrition 👏👏
Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago


Focus on Healthy Food Choices in 2021

I don't think healthy nutrition has ever been more important than it is right now. As we navigate our way through this global pandemic, take control of your health and make 2021 the year in which you focused on eating a balanced & nutrient dense diet.Here are my top tips to get you started:Aim to eat 7 portions of plant foods daily (2 x fr

Great way to refuel after my morning walk/jog. 

Rolled oats, chia seeds and yoghurt. 



It’s Veganuary

At the start of every year, there is always a lot of noise about going vegan. Moving to an entirely plant-based (or more plant-based) diet can be rewarding for your health if you do it properly. As a nutrition professional, it’s my job to be interested in what you eat. I don’t want you to just be vegan; I want you to be a

💥 21 thoughts for 2021 💥

Last year was quite abnormal. Let’s be honest - it had more challenges than most! I have struggled to do anything more than just get my head down and focus FULLY on our business. However I have forced myself over the last few weeks to slow down and reflect. I thought I’d share those thoughts with you…. Some may help your current mindset, some may make you laugh and some may not have any impact. Nonetheless here we go....

1. Control what YOU can control

2. Train for LOVE not results

3. ‘YET’ is an unattainable goal

4. It’s OKAY to have a bad day

5. Invest in SELF awareness 

6. TAKE the risk if your gut tells you to

7. If you are KIND on the way up… People will be kind to you when you are on the way down. (Paul Elliott, 2020)

8. I LOVE sleeping…. A LOT

9. I have learnt the real meaning of PERSISTENCE

10. Michael Jordan is FASCINATING

11. You DON’T know everything!

12. Definitions of SUCCESS are personal

13. Life can be bloody EXCITING

14. PEOPLE are the greatest sources of knowledge

15. Always be PLOTTING

16. Write your LIFE down - GOOD and BAD

17. Never forget your WORST boss

18. Read books RELEVANT to you

19. Don’t UNDERESTIMATE your impact on others.

20. Nothing is PERMANENT

21. I LOVE my family

2021 hasn’t started the way we all wanted over here in the UK. All I keep reminding myself is that it is not permanent. Keep your head up and remain positive. If I can be of any help to anybody… ANYBODY at all please just reach out 😉


Epic mate - thanks for sharing!
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Wise words @Haydn Elliott 
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A Healthy Balanced Dessert in 3 Easy Steps

My new favourite healthy balanced dessert (can also double up as a breakfast too)This is a delightful combination of creaminess, crunchiness and a hint of sweetness - and there is a good balance between protein and carbohydrates to support stable blood sugars.It takes only 5 minutes to assemble as follows:Take 1 x small pot of Greek yoghurtAdd



Renee is a leading Sports and Eating Disorder specialist dietitian with 20 years experience working in clinical and performance nutrition, with Olympic (London 2012), Paralympic (Rio 2016) and Commonwealth (Queensland 2018) teams. She is also the host of the TRAINBRAVE podcast, an Ultra X ambassador, and is a very keen runner herself with h

This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time we are going live on Instagram with Ultra X nutrition lead @r_mcgregor.

We’ll be discussing the ever-changing science behind performance nutrition. We'll look at how sports nutrition has changed, what to believe and the all important what not to believe.

Got a question for Renee? Put it in the comments section below or head to our stories and pop it in the question box.


Coconut aminos barramundi 🥥 



This dish is so quick. It took me 10 minutes to whip this up, it’s low in cals and carbs but packed with protein and vitamins + minerals!  


Chocolate, yoghurt frozen berries!!



Get yourself an antioxidant packed snack ready for summer with a pinch of protein and good fats. These are a definite in the freezer to top pancakes or muesli. 


@Cecilia Blakeley we have to try this recipe 😃
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Have a Great day ahead Everyone 💪


Love this 
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Gain the Confidence to Work Out

Lack of time, money, and motivation are the top three excuses people use not to exercise, a University of Pittsburgh study found. Other common roadblocks include embarrassment, fear, and a distate for exercise in general — hang-ups that can keep the people who need to exercise the most from breaking a sweat.Click here to se


Plan Your Food Ahead For Christmas

Surviving Christmas without piling on the pounds is always difficult because our normal routines tend to go out of the window. Plus we are surrounded by food we wouldn't normally eat......and drink! If you are like me and you've reached that certain age when the pounds get harder to shift, its worth planning ahead so that you have healthy fo



Last week, we looked at how to plan and execute a hydration strategy. This Sunday, we will focus on race nutrition. The two are highly interlinked.
Getting your nutrition right during a multi-stage is probably THE most important thing to get right if you want to perform well. The training is done, the kit is packed and the start line awaits. It&rs

Podcast I did with Easy Thrills if you want to hear me give you all my secrets on Nutrition and sports performance/weight management.


Thanks for sharing Ash, I will take a listen ?
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How many carbs do active women need per day?

Check out my guide below. Key- 1 pound = 2.2kg


Sarah Archer - some info on carb intake as you start ramping up. Thanks Ash Thomo Nutrition ?
Troy Archer . 3 months ago
No worries Troy Archer glad you found it helpful
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OBZ Lifestyle Athlete @lmtlsstraining Keep going there's always work to be done! Work or be outworked ?