New Mizuno wheels for my trotters thanks to Pace Athletic. So far, they're like running on pillows ... any recommendations for something similar I can get to compare?  


This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time we are going LIVE on Instagram with James from @thealtitudecentre to chat about how altitude training can make a serious difference to your goals!




REVIEW -, I’m sent a product that really blows me away. Don’t get me wrong, I get more excited about routers than is perhaps healthy, but a router is a router. Opkix One is a camera system, a camera system unlike anything I’ve used before.T

Small, light-weight, and versatile our cameras can be placed or mounted just about anywhere to capture the most unique perspectives and tell the most interesting stories.


Can't wait to get my hands on one of these! Imagine the rollercoaster footage Minnie could get @Sarah Archer! In all seriousness, the trail I ran this morning would have been so epic to film from my POV!
Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago


The OPKIX One HD video camera is versatile, lightweight and easy to use. It's wearable so you can record hands-free all of life's best memories.


Finally, a video camera that is small, fun and easy to use. The OPKIX One video camera is designed and engineered to be versatile to fit your every need. It films in HD, weighs just 12 grams and seamlessly pairs with your smartphone so you can shoot, edit and share with ease. 


Camera Specifications

Resolution _ 1920 x 1080 HD video quality @30 fps

Record Time _ 15 minutes continuous per camera

Per Camera Storage _ 4GB and 15 minutes of video

Egg Storage _ 16GB and up to 70 minutes of capture on one charge

Waterproof _ waterproof down to 30 ft (9m) IP-68

EIS _ Electronic Image Stabilization available in the app during editing

Housing _ aerospace aluminum

Lens Cover _ sapphire glass

Per Camera Weight _ 12 grams

Charge Time _ 45 minutes for full charge

Studio App _ ease of file transfer via Wifi / bluetooth connection from the Smart Egg to the OPKIX app on your smartphone




As far as action cameras go, there’s nothing as unique as the Opkix One right now. Although relatively unknown in a world of DJI and GoPro dominance, this nifty camera is actually a two camera system with each weighing no more than 12g. They are rectangular-shaped and can be affixed to surfaces like hats and even a finger (as a ring attac



ReRun Clothing is a grass roots environmental campaigning company set-up and run by GB Ultra Runner Dan Lawson and his family. The company is driven by a desire to tackle and reduce textile waste following a growing awareness that our outdoor and adventure lifestyles are putting a strain on our planet.In 2021, Dan and his wife will be trave

A couple of laps around the paddock to keep Sundays moving @NikeRunClub. 




Renee is a leading Sports and Eating Disorder specialist dietitian with 20 years experience working in clinical and performance nutrition, with Olympic (London 2012), Paralympic (Rio 2016) and Commonwealth (Queensland 2018) teams. She is also the host of the TRAINBRAVE podcast, an Ultra X ambassador, and is a very keen runner herself with h

Thank you HOKA One for our hiking boots. First hike down and super comfortable and supportive 👌


How good is that famil portrait shot!
Jay Woods . 2 months ago


Winter is Coming: Gear Up & Get Ready

I hate the cold. Says the woman who only drinks ice coffee all year round, has run in Antarctica, and currently trains in the winter of Boston, MA. But seriously, the cold and I, we do not get along. I suffer from a condition called Raynaud's Disease. That coupled with my hypothyroidism is the perfect cold brew for one fr


Opinion: Running Helmets

Summer arrived drunk last weekend in Sydney, a raging 45 degrees, approximately 113 for those US side, marking the start of summer and what looks to a damn hot one. Hopefully, sans months of wild bushfires. Lacing up and running this time of year starts to get a little harder. Motivation slips as the lust for air-con grow stronger. Dai

Graphic content, cyclographic content ? BMC do it good...


Phew GC 50 photos done wow hot day well done everyone

Have a Quick look



Ready to take some shots of you all on the course tomorrow. Keep a eye out for me. Good luck!!!!!?


NEED + WANT = Leatherman ?⁠

Shop our favourite multi-tool here:




I have been living with type 1 diabetes for 18 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 7 so I can’t really remember life without it. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition where the body attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. In a normal person, the body is able to maintain blood glucose within a safe margin (t

This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time, we are going LIVE on Instagram with @sophiegraceholmes ⁣

We’ll be chatting to Sophie about her amazing journey from being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child, to becoming a fitness coach, public speaker and all round motivator. ⁣

Sophie has appeared in a number of magazines such as Hello!, Vogue, Women’s health, Women’s Fitness and many more. ⁣


With the recent global announcements regarding progress on the vaccine front, 2021 is starting to look a whole lot brighter, FOR REAL!⁣

Come June 2021 and the Ultra X World Championships in Slovenia we should all be well in the clear ? ⁣

If you are not already joining us we have released a new VIRTUAL QUALIFIER, which you can do anywhere in the world. The top 10% will be receiving a registration link to the World Champs! ⁣

Hit the link below to read more about the Ultra X World Championships Virtual Qualifier, which launches December 11th!




In recent years, CDB oil has been popping up more and more regularly across popular media. It seems to be a key ingredient of an ever-increasing number of sports recovery products and has now hit the ultra running scene. Purported benefits include better sleep, faster recovery, pain alleviation, stress reduction, and more – making it the per

This Sunday at 2000hrs UK time, the entry fee for Ultra X Mexico 2021 increases £200 to the second pricing tier.⁣

To take advantage of the current early bird entry fee, please enter before then.⁣

Remember, not only is Ultra X Mexico our toughest race, it’s probably our most unique too. You’ll get the chance to run with the Tarahumara from the book Born to Run! ⁣

Hit the below link to watch last year’s race documentary - it is awesome, if we may say so ourselves ? 




Ultra marathon running is not a mainstream sport in Europe or North America just yet, however there are a huge number of events now and even more popping up all the time. Across most of Africa the sport is even more niche (despite it being home to some of the world’s greatest money runners, however, there are some huge events out there, rang

This Thursday at 1.30pm UK time, we are going LIVE on Instagram with Ultra X Athlete and professional ultra trail runner, @jasonschlarb⁣

We’ll be chatting to Jason about his training methods as well as recalling his experience last November at Ultra X Mexico! ⁣


With both my Ironman races cancelled for 2020 within a couple of days I’m thinking of getting a new winter bike....this feels about right after a year like this....


I’m sorry to hear it mate, but I’m glad you’ve found a wise alternative so soon. 
Troy Archer . 4 months ago
Scott Coey takes aero to a new level 
Damien Dau . 4 months ago
Kelly McLay . 4 months ago
I don't think even this bike is going to make you any faster. ?
Marsha . 4 months ago


With so many Ultra X World Championship qualifying races having been cancelled over the past 9 months we have decided to launch one which can’t get cancelled.⁣

The challenge opens on Friday 11th December and you will have 50 days to complete 50km with 1,200 metres of elevation. You can do it wherever you are in the world OR you can take on a 50km segment we have created for you along the stunning Serpent Trail in the South Downs National Park.⁣

What’s more, if you wish to take on the Serpent Trail segment ‘live’, we will be providing support for runners on Saturday 30th January, which just so happens to be the 50th and final day of the challenge.⁣

The top 10% of each category will receive an invitation to the Ultra X World Championships in Slovenia. Four lucky finishers (two male and two female) will also be chosen at random for a place!⁣

To register, FOR FREE, and to read the details hit this link - ⁣

Welcome to the #50in50




Being an ultra marathon race organiser means that a good chunk of any single day is spent explaining what exactly these unique and mysterious events are.
Whilst most people now know the term marathon as being a form of long-distance run, the preceding “ultra” can add confusion.
This is not helped either by the multiple forms of differe

This Sunday at 2000hrs UK time, registrations to Ultra X Jordan 2021 increase. To save yourself £100 please register BEFORE this time! ⁣

The great desert of Wadi Rum awaits us!



Ultra X turns 2

Today is Ultra X’s 2nd birthday.
It feels just like yesterday that Sam and I sat down for day one in the office. We had nothing but a pipedream and a whole load of enthusiasm. In reality, the work had started a full year before after a drunken night in a London bar. It wasn’t long before evenings and weekends were consumed with creatin

We have some new merchandise in!⁣

Check out our online store to see the new arrivals including our original eco sweatshirt and the ‘good for all purposes’ tote bag!⁣

Hit this link to make your purchase - 



Strava: An Ultra Runner’s Friend Or Foe?

The acceleration of technological innovation over the past few years has enabled data to become readily accessible at a low-cost. Unsurprisingly, this has also filtered through to amateur and grass roots levels of the sport with the explosion of commercial companies selling products to capture and track training data. Garmin Connect, Training Peak


Skiing vs Snowboarding – Which Is Cooler?

Snowsports are fab. Up on the mountain, you feel on top of the whole world. And that feeling you get as you whoosh down the slopes? There’s nothing better. But if you’re a beginner looking to get into snow sports, you might be wondering which one to go with. It’s the age-old debate and one which we never seem to hear the end of i


7 Epic Places to Go Mountain Biking

Feeling the itch to go see the world - After Covid has final gone?
When your body and mind start itching to see the world, there’s no better way to see it than on your bike. It’s just you (and possibly your partner), some stunning trails, and the whole world in front of you. From snow-capped mountains to dense valleys, you get to see m


Daily Benefits Of Greens Supplementation

With Digestion and Immunity Being Key Focus The small intestine is the part of intestines where 90% the digestion and absorption of food occurs, the other 10% taking place in the stomach and large intestine. The main function of the small intestine is absorption of nutrients and minerals from food. Digestion involves two distinct parts. The f

If you're into sneakers and had enough with the clichè mall stores, drag your mouse over to Subtype store for some tasty treats for your feets. 



So many yeseseses!
Troy Archer . 5 months ago


Opinion: Rapha Does it Better

The lines between retail space and cafe have been blurry for some time now. Today, it's an expectation that retail spaces have a coffee nook or a place to sit and watch. A space to hang out, borrow wifi or charge a device. For Rapha, their stores, also referred to clubhouses provide a hub for cycle enthusiasts to meet, shop, eat and drink, watch r

Epic Jay Woods - seriously, how great is Rapha! Major high five.
ActivePlace . 5 months ago
They sure curate a damn fine space Troy Archer 
Jay Woods . 5 months ago