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Show the one with the bottle on the head....I’ve failed every time unless it was a beer.....strange that

Scott Coey . 3 days ago

If you are contemplating a long swim next year how about this one? Our relay/blog has been featured on the Lake Geneva Swim Association website - www.lgsa.com/en/blog/swim-and-tonic-lake-geneva-relay-swim

I have so much respect for people that can swim long distance, amazing, and what a beautiful place dan bullock .

Troy Archer . 4 days ago

Dan - you said you wanted to do this solo.....Wookiee is your wing man...

Scott Coey . 3 days ago

I hope your week is flying by......

Damien Dau and yours too mate.

ActivePlace . 1 week ago

Forgive the shameless plug but while Pools are not letting us back in for lessons yet our swim school is struggling. A while back we developed our first intelligent training aid - a water bottle with 6 FC mainsets cleverly incorporated allowing swimmers to continue training outside of our fitness sessions. Since then it has grown to include 3 fitness bottles with mainsets spanning different focused distances which have shipped all around the world. We are now adding a technical bottle focusing on swim technique supported by a designated website - sessioninabottle.com/swim-drills with drills demo'd and swim tips. Please drop me a line for more info [email protected] Thankyou

You mean i don't have to write out a session on a posted note and stick it to a water bottle and than try and read the set as it gets soaked!! CRAZY TALK!!

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

You know this whole Covid thing has brought out some epic thinking! Love this dan bullock .

Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago

Paul Caneda what an inspiring article. Thank you for sharing this story. It puts things into perspective and that when you think life ‘sucks’ there’s always something to be grateful for.

Damien . 3 weeks ago

Needs must when pools are closed - thanks to DanBullock at SwimforTri for the bench.
30min seems like a lifetime but with the potential of an Ironman in November (50/50) I need to stay on track

Oh man. You're a beast, is 30 minutes even possible on that? I'd just die on the spot, roll me off the bench and into my casket.

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

I have got to get me one of them!

Trent Allan . 3 weeks ago

Scott Coey love it. That’s awesome 👏

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

point your toes, think streamline, earlier pivot at the elbow, engage the forearm earlier, pull with the hand and forearm. Keep your head still (unless breathing or sighting, obviously when in the water)

dan bullock . 3 weeks ago

Scott Coey what he said.....

Damien . 3 weeks ago

I was asked today to answer some questions about my 48 loops around the sun and it reminded me of the quotes collection I have hoarded over the years.

I have decided to start posting them as they have motivated me, made me laugh, helped in dark times and so on.... some may resonate, so may not.....some have some “colourful language so consider your self earned.

NONE OF THEm ARE MINE - so kudos to all the smart people out there and thank you for helping me on the journey....So let’s begin with one that is mine that I posted before the IM World Champs in Kona in 2012 ....

Scott Coey this is a ridiculous rap sheet of active achievements. A very exciting journey I imagine is long way from being over.

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

You know I love this one!!!

Clare Ratnavira . 3 weeks ago

For those of you think your dream is too big ......utter rubbish! As Mr Coey proves!

Heidi . 3 weeks ago

What your saying is now a good time to challenge you to that swim race?

Scott Coey . 3 weeks ago

Nice one Nosht. Damien Dau Scott Coey - thought you guys might like this article.

Troy Archer . 4 weeks ago

Swim training during COVID. A boiling 115^f makes for a good reason to jump in.

Even I can recognize the ninja chop form from a distance!

Scott Coey . 1 month ago

Hey Zac Eaton hows the training going through COVID? Are you staying motivated.

IM Malaysia 🇲🇾 2018. One of the most beautiful places to race......but also one of the hottest and humid places to race! It can be brutal out there.....😰

Shane Smith and the @Tri Travel team briefing in the athletes before a swim session at the IRONMAN World Champs. A great brand to follow on ActivePlace. 👍