A rainy, cold, wintery Thanksgiving is pretty much a poster day for 2020. Normally I’d be turkey 🦃 trotting my way to afternoon football 🏈 and pumpkin pie. It was hard to motivate gearing up the kids for a stormy 5K at the end of a year that still has no finish line in sight...

All the more reason to get out and show 2020 what you got - face the rain & run straight into the wind! 

Because it’s good for the mind and body. Because it’s tradition. Because it’s important to keep traditions. Because getting it done when it’s uncomfortable makes you stronger.  

Ans also because my coach scares me. 😬😳

It wasn’t pretty. But I’m grateful our little crew can still run and we did it. 

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁!!! Go get it!

#runintherain #noexcuses #turkeytrot #earntheturkey #grateful #justtriit #familyovereverything #justkeeprunning


Kelly McLay strong effort. You deserve some pumpkin pie 🥧 
Damien Dau . 3 days ago
Well done & happy thanksgiving!
Clare Ratnavira . 3 days ago
Damn...thats a great coach you've got 
Scott Coey . 2 days ago
haha love the outfits
Ash Thomo Nutrition . 2 hours ago



If you’re looking for an all-in-one power smoothie to fuel your mind and body for the day to come, you’ll struggle to find better than the below recipe. It’s packed with goodness and can be made in under three minutes in a blender. It also tastes delicious, so get it in you and feel the benefits. Boom!Almond milk... to

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Check out our GC50 Coolangatta Destination Guide. We've picked out some of our favourite restaurants and cafe's in the area for you ahead your trip to Coolangatta! 

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#RunWithUs #EatWithUs #GC50


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What a line-up!




Pilar Arthur-Snead is a coach, marathoner, podcaster and all-round inspiration for runners and non-runners alike. Her passion for making health and fitness accessible to all is undeniable. Pilar believes that fitness is for every BODY, no matter your size, shape, gender, current ability or physical limitation.We were lucky enough to have Pilar joi



Running multi-stage ultra marathons often means being self-sufficient for days at a time. Freeze-dried or dehydrated food is therefore a necessary component of the multi-stage adventure. Lightweight, easy to prepare and energy dense, you’ll struggle to find a more convenient fuel source when running 250km in the desert, jungle or mountains,

Running Stories app is an that turns running routes into 'immersive experience' ... I can't decide if I'd like it or hate it, thoughts? Check it out -


Wha????? This sounds like running and art converging, and I like the idea of that!
Troy Archer . 7 days ago

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Sessions created by our training camp head coach Steve Trew (Sydney Olympics GB Tri Coach.)


Our new run bottle is available, mini training plan across 5+1 sessions on the bottle, full support from the website. We have a new run section. Order the 4pack for the pool and I will include a free run bottle.




With two of our biggest races of the year just around the corner – Ultra X Jordan and Ultra X Mexico – many of those competing will be starting to think about their race week nutrition plan. Whether your goal is to podium or to finish, getting your nutrition right is vital to success in a multi-stage ultra (check out our pointers on wh

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From Marathons to IronMan – Watch Me Tri Week 1

The magnitude of IronMan should have been obvious from the onset - especially the ticket shock on my face as I clicked the finalize registration button for IronMan Texas and almost 4 figures zipped away from my bank account in a click. But, no...obvious did not slap me in the face. As a marathoner, pair of sneakers, pavement, get going. So I thoug

Kelly McLay so it begins. Have fun out there.
Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago



I have been living with type 1 diabetes for 18 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 7 so I can’t really remember life without it. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition where the body attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. In a normal person, the body is able to maintain blood glucose within a safe margin (t

This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time, we are going LIVE on Instagram with @sophiegraceholmes ⁣

We’ll be chatting to Sophie about her amazing journey from being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child, to becoming a fitness coach, public speaker and all round motivator. ⁣

Sophie has appeared in a number of magazines such as Hello!, Vogue, Women’s health, Women’s Fitness and many more. ⁣



Do you get enough energy?

DO YOU GET ENOUGH ENERGY? RELATIVE ENERGY DEFICIENCY IN SPORTS (RED-S) CAN HARM YOUR HEALTH AND TRAININGWhen you don’t get enough energy, training is hard and you won’t make progress. Relative energy deficiency can also lead to different kinds of serious health problems.Do you get enough energy from your food to support your training?

Monday Morning 15 miles of trails  in the bag


Winter 🥶 is coming ...very innov8tive 
Kelly McLay . 2 weeks ago
You should always measure in kms.......sounds way better !!
Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago
Thanks for camera time, loved it, got me keen to go out and clock some distances of my own. Mud sounds fun, when I get to England you can take me with you Scott Coey 🙌
Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago

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Veganism in the general population has never been more widespread and some of the biggest names in sport seem to be leading the charge. High profile athletes such as Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic, and Alex Honnold are just a few of the famous faces who have been experimenting with a plant-based diet, and openly discussing the heal

With the recent global announcements regarding progress on the vaccine front, 2021 is starting to look a whole lot brighter, FOR REAL!⁣

Come June 2021 and the Ultra X World Championships in Slovenia we should all be well in the clear 🙂 ⁣

If you are not already joining us we have released a new VIRTUAL QUALIFIER, which you can do anywhere in the world. The top 10% will be receiving a registration link to the World Champs! ⁣

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In recent years, CDB oil has been popping up more and more regularly across popular media. It seems to be a key ingredient of an ever-increasing number of sports recovery products and has now hit the ultra running scene. Purported benefits include better sleep, faster recovery, pain alleviation, stress reduction, and more – making it the per

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These are amazing! Sarah Archer and I are super into them, we love the protein bites too! 
Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago



Ultra marathon running is not a mainstream sport in Europe or North America just yet, however there are a huge number of events now and even more popping up all the time. Across most of Africa the sport is even more niche (despite it being home to some of the world’s greatest money runners, however, there are some huge events out there, rang

This Thursday at 1.30pm UK time, we are going LIVE on Instagram with Ultra X Athlete and professional ultra trail runner, @jasonschlarb⁣

We’ll be chatting to Jason about his training methods as well as recalling his experience last November at Ultra X Mexico! ⁣




In the last ten years, participation in ultramarathon events has grown by 345% worldwide (according to RunRepeat). In the same period of time, veganism has grown at a similar rate, rising 300% in the UK alone (there are now an estimated 600,000 vegans in the UK, according to The Vegan Society). Coincidence?!?
Well, yes, probably. That said, while


With so many Ultra X World Championship qualifying races having been cancelled over the past 9 months we have decided to launch one which can’t get cancelled.⁣

The challenge opens on Friday 11th December and you will have 50 days to complete 50km with 1,200 metres of elevation. You can do it wherever you are in the world OR you can take on a 50km segment we have created for you along the stunning Serpent Trail in the South Downs National Park.⁣

What’s more, if you wish to take on the Serpent Trail segment ‘live’, we will be providing support for runners on Saturday 30th January, which just so happens to be the 50th and final day of the challenge.⁣

The top 10% of each category will receive an invitation to the Ultra X World Championships in Slovenia. Four lucky finishers (two male and two female) will also be chosen at random for a place!⁣

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Welcome to the #50in50




Being an ultra marathon race organiser means that a good chunk of any single day is spent explaining what exactly these unique and mysterious events are.
Whilst most people now know the term marathon as being a form of long-distance run, the preceding “ultra” can add confusion.
This is not helped either by the multiple forms of differe

This Sunday at 2000hrs UK time, registrations to Ultra X Jordan 2021 increase. To save yourself £100 please register BEFORE this time! ⁣

The great desert of Wadi Rum awaits us!



Ultra X turns 2

Today is Ultra X’s 2nd birthday.
It feels just like yesterday that Sam and I sat down for day one in the office. We had nothing but a pipedream and a whole load of enthusiasm. In reality, the work had started a full year before after a drunken night in a London bar. It wasn’t long before evenings and weekends were consumed with creatin

We love this planet - that’s why we have our Sustainability Policy, that’s why we are a carbon neutral company, and that is why we are delighted to announce that we have taken the Outdoor Friendly Pledge. ⁣

Set up by Kilian Jornet, this foundation is a promise to promote the more sustainable practice of outdoor sports based on a set of sustainable development goals. ⁣

What’s awesome is that this pledge is for us all; from athletes to race organisers and everyone in between. The more of us that take the pledge, the better! ⁣

Check out the link below to read more about it. 


🏃 + ☕️ = 😁 


T-2 days until all the sunrises, rock admiring, self timer jumping, wandering and a hearty diet of oranges, beef jerky and peanut butter sandwiches. #westbound #adventuring #solotrip #staywild


Danielle Moroukian this place looks amazing. Congrats on such a great hike. Welcome to ActivePlace! 
Damien Dau . 4 weeks ago
How amazing Danielle Moroukian - that looks like some kind of dreamland. Makes me want to go hiking right now and it's 10:33pm!
Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

Seven years ago on a very similar 32F day (0C for the Aussies 😉) after 37 days of travel...5 countries...5 Burroughs...3 states...3 marathon finishes...and 1 wedding, I celebrated a NYC Marathon finish with the new hubby.  Looking forward to those days returning ...

In the meantime, celebrating with a run and exercising my’s good to run for something. 







And yes - shorts weather!



Best Ultra Marathons UK 2021: The Ultimate UK Ultra Races List

Somehow it is already nearly 2021! Where has this year gone?
To help you keep motivated and give you something to look forward to for next year, we’re going to be spending the next few weeks previewing the ultramarathons that we are most excited for in 2021. We’ll showcase what we think the best ultras are in the UK, Asia, the US, Afr