This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time we are going LIVE on Instagram with James from @thealtitudecentre to chat about how altitude training can make a serious difference to your goals!


Hot and cold treatment done well today, sometimes you just have to get some R&R right @Sarah Archer ! 💦💧


How do you explain when you wake up and all of a sudden your lower back starts spasming....all of a sudden your day training today......maybe some stretching at best! 😒


Oh no, that sounds awfully painful, hope you're okay.
Natalie Arnold . 2 weeks ago

Occasionally (very occasionally) a new connection on social media leads to a real life conversation. Of them occasionally (very occasionally) you end up connecting with someone truly inspiring. That happened this week and we're gonna make some cool stuff happen together.

Anyone who wants to chat business, endurance sport, running or just chew the fat on what's gonna happen next with covid do drop me a line ([email protected]) 🤘

Anyone who wants to chat business, endurance sport, running or just chew the fat on what's gonna happen next with covid do drop me a line ([email protected]) 🤘


Yesterday was an intense day here. Just like any training, when things get too intense it’s important to release the tension.  

Resolve: massage time.  I could feel the release of toxins, the blood flow, my breath relaxed and my body settle. 

If you do not have access to a massage right now, it’s always good to roll it out!  I’ll leave you with this perfectly imperfect roll out session from this summer! Quads/IT/Glutes...hurts so good!

How do you release the tension?


This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time we are going live on Instagram with Ultra X nutrition lead @r_mcgregor.

We’ll be discussing the ever-changing science behind performance nutrition. We'll look at how sports nutrition has changed, what to believe and the all important what not to believe.

Got a question for Renee? Put it in the comments section below or head to our stories and pop it in the question box.




Veganism in the general population has never been more widespread and some of the biggest names in sport seem to be leading the charge. High profile athletes such as Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic, and Alex Honnold are just a few of the famous faces who have been experimenting with a plant-based diet, and openly discussing

@Ultra X  Thanks for the great article. Would prefer if it was all here to read.  
Damien Dau . 2 months ago

Well that’s one way to use it; how she rolls. 😂😂

#foamrolling #tp_therapy


Building Strength - Today's focus - committing to doing the little things I hate doing.  

My quads may be strong - but (and I am sure some runners can relate) my hip, gluteus, abductor, adductor & hamstring muscles are WEAK! And of course, my track record for self care outside of the set workout is waning. However, my EOY theme is tri-ing - so here we go. Plus, let's be real, its what I need to do to keep my body healthy.  

Sharing a quick little, glute/hammy burn with tiny spice of core, TRX rows ( @TRX by TCB desperately seeking creativity - please ) and touching my toes (check). Happy training!  

3 x 10 Hamstring Curl on Exercise Ball

3 x 10 Side Plank Clam w/Band (not pictured)

2 x 2-Minute plank w/10 Up-Downs per side  

3 x 12 TRX Rows

2 x 10 Single Leg Hamstring Curl on Exercise Ball

3 x 10 Leg Lifts

3 x 10 Resistance Band Side Steps (each side) (not pictured) 

#getafterit #ranlikekell #tritraining 


Awesome video Kelly... Love the workouts, the plank is my favourite
Trent Allan . 2 months ago
TY @Trent Allan - working on being a more compliant patient !!! 
Kelly McLay . 2 months ago
Hey Kelly, sorry for the slow response on this - I need to work out how to get the notifications through on email so I don't miss any @ mentions again! There's loads more you can do to with the TRX to target your glutes, hamstrings, adductors and abductors, I'll drop you a message with some ideas 😊
Tom Cuff-Burnett . 2 months ago



Over the last few weeks we have been writing about hydration and nutrition strategies for a multi-stage race. In this article, we look at how to tailor your nutrition to encourage recovery.
Multi-stage racing requires you to push hard for a day and then do it
again and again. The focus needs to be providing your muscles with the right things to re


The Christmas Silly Swim

The Swimming Silly Season – on the 87th 100m of Christmas my Swim Coach gave to me. 7 breaths per length….4 kicks per arm cycle, 25 strokes over 25m and a pullbouy between my ankles…. you get the idea…I called this article ‘Silly Season’ since it is the time of year when overly long swimming sets seem to take

2009, when my heart really did not want to play nicely anymore. After stopping for up to 90 seconds, hundreds of times since I was a little boy, I finally had a diagnosis and a pacemaker installed. My life changed (for the better) dramatically, but the fragility and semi-permanence of this thing were doing on earth was completely engrained in me. I’ve not let my condition get me too far down, I’ve played pretty hard, kept myself very busy, and have spent half my adult life being more serious about my physical and mental health. I’m so pumped about life, so excited about what the future will bring, and happy to be a role model for my daughter Minnie who also has the same severe case of Vasal Vagal Syncope that I now have under control! ?? Thank you to my soulmate Sarah Archer for holding me up at times and being there for me always. X


Man, that's heavy to read! Glad you're OK now and hope Minnie stays ahead of it too.
Dave Lydiard . 3 months ago
Thanks so much Dave Lydiard, it’s been an exciting (for lack of a better term) ride! Amazing how much strength you can draw from the fact that tomorrow is always going to be a new day! 
Troy Archer . 3 months ago
❤️❤️ x
Sarah Archer . 3 months ago
I applaud your toughness and courage, Troy!
Keep inspiring! ??
Paul Caneda . 3 months ago
Thanks so much Paul Caneda ??
Troy Archer . 3 months ago



Renee is a leading Sports and Eating Disorder specialist dietitian with 20 years experience working in clinical and performance nutrition, with Olympic (London 2012), Paralympic (Rio 2016) and Commonwealth (Queensland 2018) teams. She is also the host of the TRAINBRAVE podcast, an Ultra X ambassador, and is a very keen runner herself with her sigh

Good luck to Sam Eley in the GC50 festival tomorrow ! Today having a salt bath getting ready :) ?


How epic Amaya Braid and Sam Eley - hope the race went to plan!
Troy Archer . 3 months ago

This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time we are going LIVE on Instagram with @Beth_Pascal

We’ll be chatting to Beth about her recent FKT (fastest known time) on the Bob Graham Round, a 66 mile (106km) loop with 42 fells and about 8,200 metres of elevation gain! Beth completed it in just 14 hours and 34 minutes!

Oh, and when she's not out breaking records she's a paediatric doctor! 


One of my many sparring sessions with Kiki, one of the best and last trainers I had before hanging up the gloves on a very fun amateur boxing career. The sport taught me a lot about myself, who I am, and what is possible with hard work, persistence, and belief that you can do anything you set your mind to.


Trent Allan awesome mate. That looks super hard. How fit are you......
Damien Dau . 3 months ago
yeah Damien Dau ? very impressive  not just the boxing itself but also the impacts on what you have learned during this career 
Roseller Recella . 3 months ago
I've never seen this vid! Go Trent!
Cecilia Blakeley . 3 months ago



If you’re looking for an all-in-one power smoothie to fuel your mind and body for the day to come, you’ll struggle to find better than the below recipe. It’s packed with goodness and can be made in under three minutes in a blender. It also tastes delicious, so get it in you and feel the benefits. Boom!Almond milk... to

For all the Boys, Lads and Mates....

And for those that love and look after us....


Thanks for this mate, sometimes its just nice to read stuff like that hey. ?
Troy Archer . 3 months ago