Bonjour cycling friends from around the world

We hope you and your families are going well during the current COVID-19 virus situation. Even the most recent coronavirus situations globally continue to cause a great deal of uncertainty. Each country is at varying stages of action, response and recovery. As a travel and experience company, we have been affected, but these issues are...

Why is mixed training so good?

Humans are interesting creatures; we’ve become the dominant species on our planet, explored all seven continents, and now, turned our endless curiosity to technological developments. Despite all of this impressive exploration, we tend to stick to what we know in everyday life. Most of us will run the same route most days, or do the...

When you shouldn’t train through pain

Training through pain. Is it a good idea? Training is not something professionals see as an everyday activity. It is a habit and a way of living and breathing. That is why whenever an injury kicks in, most people ignore it and keep training toward their goals. This often results in worse issues than only...

What happens to your body during an Ironman?

An ironman triathlon is widely regarded to be one of the toughest single-day sporting events in the world, and for good reason. Perhaps you know already what it feels like to swim 3.86km, cycle 180km and then run 42.16km. Do you know what’s really going on inside your body? The average ironman competitor burns around...

IM Malaysia 🇲🇾 2018. One of the most beautiful places to race......but also one of the hottest and humid places to race! It can be brutal out there.....😰

What happens to your body during a triathlon?

Triathlons and Your Body What happens to your body during a triathlon? Well, of course, it depends on the length of the triathlon, doesn’t it? Some sprint distance triathlons (400m swim, 20km bike and a 5km run) can take the fast boys just over an hour or so. Whereas the more extreme triathlons (an Ironman...

The toughest cycle climbs on earth

Some of us like to go to the beach, lie down and relax, others like to shop, or go to the movies, and then there’s are the select few amongst us that like to inflict pain upon themselves for ‘fun’, by attempting tortuous bike rides that might even have satisfied Genghis Kahn’s lust for brutality....

The importance of rest and recovery for endurance athletes

For many of us out there, fitness is a huge part of our lives. Training isn’t a chore, it’s a habit, something that we can’t live without, and it can often be harder to have a rest day (and we mean proper rest) than continuing to train as normal. We might feel guilty. Either that...

Bonjour cycling friends from around the globe

We hope you and your families are going well during the current COVID-19 virus situation. Even the most recent coronavirus situations globally continue to cause a great deal of uncertainty. Each country is at varying stages of action, response, and recovery. As a travel and experience company, we have been affected, but these issues are...

Great article and an amazing Australian Cycling Tour Company. So important we work to support each other through this time.

Damien . 5 days ago

How to build up your endurance

Perhaps you’re looking to build up your endurance as you train for a marathon or an Ironman, or maybe you just want to be able to chase your dog around the park for longer without needing to sit down with a stiff drink in hand. Either way, we’re not here to judge – you do...

Shane Smith and the @Tri Travel team briefing in the athletes before a swim session at the IRONMAN World Champs. A great brand to follow on ActivePlace. 👍

Competition – Reaching an athlete’s full potential

              High Performance               Proof of the KOTWF concept at the pinnacle of elite sport. KOTWF’s core principles and coaching has come from our experience in professional sport. It is combination of experience, intuition, education a

Competition – Reaching an athlete’s full potential

              High Performance               Proof of the KOTWF concept at the pinnacle of elite sport. KOTWF’s core principles and coaching has come from our experience in professional sport. It is a combination of experience, intuition, education

One of the best swim starts you will see. IRONMAN New Zealand 2018. Cant wait to see this race back in 2021.

Tour Down Under. Final day and the heat is on! Epic race and a must see for any fan!

How Cycling can change your life

I stopped diving in 2008; a back injury prevented me from continuing and my medical team told me firmly I should ONLY do yoga for the foreseeable years. Not being someone that does as he’s told very often, in 2009 I ran the London Marathon for SportsAid!! I favoured running over any other kind of...

Awareness – setting healthy boundaries for the athlete

Know where the limit is.  Gain self-awareness of where your body, your mind and your life is at to help sustain optimal performance during competition and maintain the work/life balance. Awareness is an education and it allows an athlete to understand where they are at physically and mentally in competition and life. We want to...

I'm making this week mine. #pma 😋

Had the pleasure of regularly riding with John Brame this month on his riding a 100km per day for July to raise money for pancreatic cancer. The man has gone through 3500km for the month and decided to finish for a 100 miler from London to Brighton...great effort my friend and thanks for letting me be a part of it...

That's amazing. 100km per day! Epic effort John. 😇

Troy Archer . 1 week ago

Sustainable growth – managing high performance

Habitual high performance.                             A focus on the importance of sustained training and lifestyle changes for athletes. Developing high-performance behaviors to become habitual and a driver of sustaine

Overtraining syndrome

Overtraining Syndrome   Of course, you have to work hard and push yourself to improve your performance in most aspects of life, particularly in sport. The goal of pushing hard is to stress the body just beyond your current fitness level, to gradually increase the stress loads on your body and then to ensure recovery....

Mental strategies to improve sporting performance

Many assume that mental strategies for sports are only for the pros, the elite athletes, the best of the best. And yes, while Roger Federer, Lebron James or Rory Mcllroy most likely do use mental techniques to ensure they produce world class performances, you don’t have to be sponsored by Nike or Adidas to try...

Keeping your cool

Love exercising outdoors but don’t like the way heat waves and out-of-control humidity can turn a refreshing long run into a sweat-drenched experience? Me too. Here’s what you need to know about overheating and how to prevent it.But first it’s good to know why and how we overheat…Physical exercise causes the body to generate heat,...

Ready, Set, Plan

Any journey that makes your jaw drop starts before the starting gun, with months of planning and preparation. Neglecting this key element limits success and opportunity, but when adventurers give it the proper attention, they unlock newfound potential. I recently returned home after spending a few months in the mountains. To me, it feels like...

Different types of cyclists

What type of cyclist are you?   Cycling is a hugely popular sport worldwide, amongst people of all sorts of different shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and with different careers and interests. But, most importantly, with different outlooks on what it means to be a cyclist! So, we’ve come up with a short list...

Is high or low intensity training better?

Is high or low intensity training better? Let’s look at that. Bob and Jo are good mates. Bob gets up each morning and runs for 60 minutes at a steady pace (between 40-60% of his maximum heart rate). Jo gets up each morning and sprints as hard as he can for 20 seconds (90-100% maximum...

Adventure – why is it important in sports?

Thrive in the unknown.  Developing new life experiences outside the athlete’s comfort zone. New skillsets, unearthed weaknesses, developing existing strengths, and finding new frontiers. “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside

5 images that took my breath away today

Some images stop you in your tracks, some people do too, this shot by Ariel Piloto did both in equal serves. Speed and focus / photographer Maico Amorim Maico Amorim probably didn’t get lucky with this shot, i’m sure he meant it completely, but man did he get lucky, or maybe not, either way, it’s...

The art and science of the bike fit

By Connor McKay B.A Physiotherapy Connor is a full-time physiotherapist and an elite level age group triathlete. He worked in a bike shop whilst at university, igniting a love for bike fitting. This passion has only expanded as a professional, utilising his skills and knowledge as a physiotherapist in conjunction with his own impressive experiences

Fit for anything

It’s pretty obvious that to get better in any activity, you must practise the skill you wish to develop, and practice it precisely. This training principle, known as specificity, is relevant to most things we do in life. In other words, the best way to train for running is to run, for swimming is to...

Support – what do athletes want in a coach?

Care, commitment, communication.   Offering a support system so the athlete maintains the physical and psychological belief and trust in their abilities. Striving to go above and beyond to help maintain a balance between competition and life.   I have referred back to a speech a number of times throughout my coaching career from, Open,...

Puka up: More than just a ride

By Dan Wilkins In 2016, 2866 people tragically lost their lives to suicide. On average seven people per day die by suicide in Australia and it is estimated a further 65,300 people attempt suicide every year. For every suicide in Australia, it’s estimated there are another 30 attempts. The link between those terrifying statistics and...

Dare to compare: how does your training stack up against the elite?

You might be clocking up serious Ks pounding the pavement or riding the bitumen, but that training program could be doing you more harm than good. Like most guys, your time bank is probably constantly overdrawn: whether it’s the boss pushing you to work back late or mates dragging you to that last-drinks club at...

Para athletes take on triathlon coaching

By Triathlon Western Australia, March 2018.  WA Paratriathletes Nige Young and Justine Dawson have become the first Australian para athletes to commence their triathlon coaching journey at the recent Development Coaches Course held by Triathlon WA. Not only did they develop their own coaching skills at the course, they also gave other coaches

Cyclists’ tips for avoiding bruised tackle

A couple of years ago I spent two weeks cycling around China, doing about 75-100km a day, a lot of it on very rough roads – which made me appreciate the padded bike pants and gel seat cover a friend in the know made me buy before I left Australia. But as sore and swollen...

Cycling lingo explained

Now there’s cyclists, and then there’s cyclists. We’re talking about MAMILs of course! Middle aged men in lycra that love everything about bikes. They have the latest frames, the most expensive wheels, the most streamlined helmets, and yet they spend the majority of their cycling time in coffee shops talking about cycling, rather than do

Conquering a full Ironman triathlon

In 2017, we spoke to Ineke Moyle about her triathlons, training and how she wanted to do a full IRONMAN triathlon. Well, Ineke held true to her goals and completed her first full IRONMAN recently. We had a chat to her about 2018 and how she keeps her mindset strong to reach these goals and...

Why does the body plateau in training

The Training Plateau The infamous training plateau…an athlete’s greatest anxiety, a body builder’s biggest fear, a fitness freak’s foremost phobia. Okay, it’s not that bad, but you probably have heard the term thrown around between PT’s, or high-end athletes, or even just your average gym-goer. This insidious snare can catch out bot

How good does it feel when you are not motivated for your workout and push through and get it done. During the workout something ‘clicks over’ and your all of a sudden in a zone. Some may call it endorphins? Whatever it might’s awesome 👌

I call it persistence!

Trent Allan . 1 week ago

Epic stuff Damien Dau !

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Blackcurrants – Making research headlines for endurance athletes

Blackcurrants are not a commonly recognised fruit, they are rarely seen in your local supermarket and wouldn’t be the fruit that catches your eye next to those better-known blueberries. However, research into this little-known fruit is showing that they offer a cross-section of potent performance and muscle recovery gains for active people, in pa

Bike time for business time

By Ben Griffin – Exercise Physiologist / Sansego Coach (15 x IM Finisher *PB 9:15) Whilst all disciplines of a triathlon are important, you could argue the bike leg is most critical to performance given it accounts for approximately 50% of the total time it takes to complete at triathlon. Here’s some perfect sets for...

What is the best way to improve my transitions

By Michelle Hemley The swim to bike and bike to run transitions can be an eye-opener when you first start triathlon. Often, a classic ‘newbie’ triathlete will spend so much time focussing on getting the required swim, bike and run training completed for their new sport, that transition practice is an afterthought in their preparation....

5 Global superstars who will inspire you to compete in a triathlon

Finding a good source of inspiration often forms an integral part of an athlete’s success. For our readers, the good news is that inspiration can be found in multiple places to inspire you to reach new heights. For example, former Olympian Greg Bennett has had a stellar career and is one of Australia’s top athletes....

10 Winter training tips

Winter training can be gruelling Training in winter can feel tougher than normal. Even getting out of bed requires a lot more effort compared to warmer seasons. It’s important we maintain our workouts, even in winter. This is so we don’t undo the progress we’ve made in previous seasons. We’ve rounded up a few ways...

Why do you need to stretch?

You may think that stretching is time-consuming, dull, bordering on pointless, that it’s something performed by only gymnasts, and that we should put our efforts into fitness training rather than just stretching. But hold it right there, stretching is crucial to us all, and even more so if you’re an active person! Why is stretching...

Intelligent triathlon training: Why rest should be part of it

By Dougal Allan. The goal of any training program is to improve or maximise performance in some way over a period of time. Each time we train (e.g. swim, bike or run) we are introducing a physiological stress to our body. The most obvious display of this is the tissue damage caused by a hard...

Triathlon training: Fitting in the second long ride

By Shane Smith. You work 40-plus hours per week and training for a long-distance triathlon. How do you fit two long rides into an already packed schedule? The hardest part for most people who are training for an Ironman is getting in the required mileage on the bike. This is especially true when most athletes...

Focus and blur. The art of cycling captured beautifully by photographer Maico Amorim.

If you don't get up as soon as your alarm goes off, your bed gets more comfortable with every millisecond. #theactivetruth

London was perfect weather for the morning ride - 6am - High teens no wind good tomorrow for the big ride
#sorry Troy
# not sorry Troy

Killing it mate!

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Scott Coey 😂😂

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Importance of good form in training

Why awareness of movement and focussing on technique can improve your performance and reduce injuries. As athletes become more serious about their performance, they will often look for ways to improve their power and speed, which will usually involve increasing the frequency and intensity of their training in order to achieve this. Initially, incre

Top 10 things to do during your time at Challenge Roth

When you decide to race Roth make sure to make the best of your time in and around Roth. Here is our top 1o tips of things you need to do when racing Roth: 1. Visit Cafe Schmidt in Hilpoltstein. There is many Cafe Schmidt in the area but this is the Lava Java of...

The Cliché Training Effect

By Matt Burton Interpreting the “Less is More” Approach with Michael Freiberg, Director of Terrain Dynamics. Pull Quote: ‘’Less; to a smaller extent, amount or degree. More; in a greater quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number.’’ “Less is More” is one of triathlons many cliché training philosophies can be literally be interpre

Great work

Risharb . 2 weeks ago


Risharb . 2 weeks ago

Goodness me Dosnoventa... 😳


Sarah Archer . 2 weeks ago

6 Coaching principles of Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Since we decided to fulfill a dream of creating my own performance space I have had to try and distill how I have worked with elite athletes for the last 8 years, and what methods and principles I have stuck by to get the results we have seen. So here goes, we have distilled it...

Great article

Damien . 2 weeks ago

6 Tips to stay active in everyday life

If you have an office job, like many Australians do, it’s all too easy to spend too much time in your car, at your desk, and then on the couch at night. This sedentary lifestyle can be tricky to break and before you know it, you’ve gained weight, become stressed out and feel like you’ve...

5 Tips for cyclists to stay hydrated

Say No to Dehydration! Cycling in the hotter months can be tough; you have to get up at the crack of dawn to try and beat the worst (or best?!) of the sun, but often after just a short while on the road, there’s no escaping it. It beats down on you and it doesn’t...

rishabh dhiman

Risharb . 2 weeks ago

Three key reasons choosing the right apparel matters

By Titan Performance Group. Not only in business do you need to dress for success, the same can be said for sport. The clothing and apparel you choose can influence your performance. We spend a lot of time training and racing, so why not get the most out of that time? Here are three reasons...

How do I get stronger on a hill bike?

By Michelle Hemley Building your cycling strength for training and racing in the hills is one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your cycling. It doesn’t matter if your goal race is flat or hilly, a time trial, triathlon or a road race, or perhaps you simply want to tackle mountain...

Leg tracking for cyclists.

Knees sticking out and why a cyclist need to correct it You’ve probably seen those cyclists who ride with their knees sticking out to the side, but did you know that poor leg tracking such as this has a number of negative impacts on a cyclist? Poor leg tracking can be seen when a cyclist’s...

Really enjoying my morning Zwift ride. Great workout to get the day started.

Challenge Roth, simply one of the best triathlons in the world. Riding up Solar Hill is like being in the Tour de France!


Miles Back . 2 weeks ago