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Summer holiday camping gear checklist

The holidays are here, and for many of us that means dusting off the tent, strapping the kids in the car and heading to a campsite! If you’re going camping in Summer, between thinking about Christmas gifts, New Year’s plans and whether or not you’ve remembered to take leave – you’ve also got to think...

Have you tried the ultralight sleeping bag? Kate Donald reviews her top pick

Written by: Kate Donald Wild Earth Hiking Ambassador Kate Donald Reviews the Sea To Summit Flame 4 FMIV. Unzipping the tent door, unsure of what the morning may hold, the first sign of the sun can be seen in the distance with a soft yellow haze sneaking over the mountains. Wild Earth Hiking Ambassador Kate...

5 Wellness favourites

There are so many things you can do (or use) to help improve your life. Often I get asked the main things I personally take advantage of when it comes to keeping happy and healthy. So, with that in mind here is the first of a monthly segment on the blog that will showcase 5...

Should I choose a synthetic or down sleeping bag?

It’s the age old question, synthetic vs down sleeping bags? Which one’s warmer? Which one packs smaller? Which one will last longer? The real question is – which one is right for you? This clip from Curly at Marmot should help you answer that question. Watch and learn! Image via Outdoor Gear Lab https://youtu.b

Top 6 beach products for this summer!

There’s nothing quite like Australian Summer. Victoria you have dry heat, Tasmania you have pleasant warmth, and Northern Queensland it’s like walking into a steam room. But there’s a universal past time that we all love regardless when the warmer months hit, and that’s going to the beach. Being a Burleigh based company we know...

Get the right daypack & get out there!

With so many brands and styles, choosing the right daypack can get a little confusing. Taking a few minutes to identify exactly what you need the daypack for will help make the selection process much easier, then it just comes down to picking your favourite colour…….that’s a whole other problem altogether! Let’s start with a

Our trail running top gear picks

Our resident Ultra-Runner Anderson Moquiuti has put together a list of his favourite items from the Wild Earth online store. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or looking to take your run from the road to the trail these top picks will take you the distance Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set Running Vest Keep it simple....

Fuelling a multi-stage ultra for vegan runners

Running multi-stage ultra marathons often means being self-sufficient for days at a time. Freeze-dried or dehydrated food is therefore a necessary component of the multi-stage adventure. Lightweight, easy to prepare, and energy-dense, you’ll struggle to find a more convenient fuel source when running 250km in the desert, jungle, or mountains, esp

It’s time to replace your workout gear when

A couple of weeks ago I took part in my seventh half marathon. Pre-race I was amped – I’d bought and worn in a new set of rigid, lighter shoes with form-fitting socks and had fantasies of being fleet footed. Who doesn’t love new workout gear? But how do you know when you need to...

5 Reasons you need a training watch

Written By: Kit Wilson   Whether you are training for your next race or simply looking to maintain your level of fitness, the benefits of a training watch cannot be overlooked. The performance advantages that can be gained from a training watch are obvious, but we realised some athletes may still be skeptical – so here are...

How long will my running shoes last?

What to look for in running shoes If you ask this question every day after you’ve bought the new running shoes or are considering to buy a pair and want to know if it’s worth it in the long run, it’s time for answers. While the doctors and shoe companies recommend that we replace our...

Gift ideas for little adventurers

Do you have a little adventurer in your life? These gifts are perfect for kids who want to ditch their screens and get outdoors. Bear Grills Compact Compass To keep the young wanderers heading in the right direction (and occupied on those long walks!) – the Bear Grylls Compact Compass is the perfect gift. It...

5 images that took my breath away today

Some images stop you in your tracks, some people do too, this shot by Ariel Piloto did both in equal serves. Speed and focus / photographer Maico Amorim Maico Amorim probably didn’t get lucky with this shot, i’m sure he meant it completely, but man did he get lucky, or maybe not, either way, it’s...

Why you need hiking poles on your next adventure

Going on another hiking adventure? Or maybe you’re a first-timer? Whatever your skill level, you’ll know how important it is to get the right gear and to train with that gear as much as possible before your scheduled trip. The most common thing we see with people embarking on hiking trips for the first time...

The perfect camp kitchen set up

Our expert hiking ambassador Kate Donald reviews her favourite ultralight ideal camp kitchen set up by Sea To Summit – The Sigma Cookset 1:1. In the distance, the slight silhouette of a hut catches my eye, home for an evening. Motivated by the thought of Our expert hiking ambassador Kate Donald reviews her favourite ultralight...

Five outdoor gift ideas over $300

Looking to go all out this Christmas? Here are 5 outdoor gift ideas for that extra special person in your life. Gift-giving doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Especially when buying for a significant other, many of us are still left racking our brains come mid-December. Well, this year you’re in luck because we

Flip flops your feet will love!

By Dr Kate Gazzard. It’s summer which means it’s flip flop time! One of my big summer *sigh* moments is seeing athletes walking around in a basic pair of thongs with no support or cushioning and complaining of painful feet/arches/Achilles tendons. If you value what your footsies do for you out on the track/road/bike/field/gym, take...

Why sports drinks are important for athletes than water?

It’s not uncommon to see athletes sipping on neon-coloured drinks these days. And maybe you’re wondering ‘what if we all tried these bright-looking beverages, would we too would be able to give a Bolt-esque performance, or challenge Phelps’ 100m freestyle time, or maybe break the 2-hour mark for a marathon?’ Maybe, but unlikely… Whilst

Too good for dirty trails?

Nike is no joke, that’s no big claim, it’s just the way it is, and this year, they served up 3 fine courses of deliciousness in the foot coverage department. You might think this should be considered old news, but I don’t care, just like I don’t care that electricity is old news, because electricity...

Great article

Damien . 2 weeks ago

Planning for a trek in Nepal – training tips

This week we caught up with Chase Tucker – he sheds some light on training for a trek in Australia, being away from home and the magic of Nepal. You’re just about to leave for a trip to Nepal, can you tell us a bit more about what you’ll be getting up to? Sure. So,...

Three key reasons choosing the right apparel matters

By Titan Performance Group. Not only in business do you need to dress for success, the same can be said for sport. The clothing and apparel you choose can influence your performance. We spend a lot of time training and racing, so why not get the most out of that time? Here are three reasons...

Heading north for the winter.

Many Australians choose to head north over the summer months to escape the heat, to catch a bit of cooler weather and maybe even to experience a ‘white’ Christmas. The Northern Hemisphere offers so many culturally-rich destinations that also have loads of opportunities for adventure, whether you’re a hiker, trekker, climber, skier or all-roun

I’m not sure what I like more, running trails, or running trail running runners. Nike Pegasus Trail for me thank you.

I’m too old for crazy colours Troy Archer amd Jay Woods 😆

Damien . 2 weeks ago

I haven't looked at personalisation for a while but I have a feeling i should Jay Woods !

Abe Tatester . 2 weeks ago

Did you check out the personalisation TA? Some pretty wild colour combos in there @troyarcher

Jay Woods . 2 weeks ago

Jay Woods enjoy your run this weekend mate. Hopefully you can try those new runners out.

I’m keen to hear how they go for you ⚡️

Miles Back . 2 weeks ago

Ironically, Hoka One One came in number one position, they're en route, stay tuned for an update Damien Dau and Troy Archer : )

Jay Woods . 2 weeks ago

What did you end up getting Jay Woods ?

Miles Back . 2 weeks ago