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Love it πŸ™Œ

Simon Saffigna . 11 hours ago

So excited for this delivery! These Active Truth maternity tights are an absolute game changer for my changing body. In fact...think I could do with a few pairs πŸ€”

Sarah Morgan this gear lots super.

Damien Dau . 2 days ago

Delivery! Huge thanks to the team at Under Armour for the box! πŸ“¦

Project Rock head to toe, ready to go! πŸ’ͺ🏼

Hell yes Gary Mulholland - that was epic!

ActivePlace . 3 days ago

hahaha, too good man Gary Mulholland.

Jay Woods . 3 days ago


Damien Dau . 2 days ago

Analogue motorcycles courtesy of the fine folk at Deus. Check out their CycleWorks projects below:

How sweet, man oh man, I love what Deus do. Epic Jay Woods !

Troy Archer . 5 days ago

Get freedom! Dosnoventa 'Neo Tokyo' cruise missile. These guys make the dopest bikes. I want one right now! Go check: > Shots via

What an awesome looking ride!!

Zac Eaton . 5 days ago

Just completed a session with Haydn Elliott at F45......
Great partner with ActivePlace

Scott Coey Haydn Elliott great workout boys. Can’t wait to hear the Podcasts. No doubt some fun banter ahead πŸ˜‚

Damien . 1 week ago

Multi tasking while recovering....:I normally have these Normatec Boots on 2/3 times a week depending on workload as well as my massage (see previous post).
Today was about the TDF and playing on ActivePlace reading about Haydn Elliott and his challenge for September....:looking forward to catching up with him in person on Thursday...

The most pretentious sleeping bag ever! 😜

Marsha . 1 week ago

Scott Coey recovery drink or beer in hand......

Damien . 1 week ago

Jay Woods this is my type of yoga studio. Bring it on.....

Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

Damien Dau ... Isn't it amazing, they're killing it out there.

Jay Woods . 2 weeks ago

2nd Run if the day done....and a little message for Marsha (aka rockstar fashionista)

Scott Coey tough run set. Looking stylish and fast!!

Damien . 2 weeks ago

OMG....look at you! Totes adores!! I just want to know who REALLY dressed you?? πŸ˜‰ I just hope they dress you next time we are on the bike together. πŸ˜‚

Marsha . 2 weeks ago

Booties Rule

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

Just because... Cloud Venture by On Running.

My favourite shoe not because of how comfy they are, or the incredible technology they put in it, it’s cause they also come in just the cutest colours! Blush!!! 😊 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Marsha . 2 weeks ago

Seriously right Marsha El-Hage - what is it with shoe designers, they know how to strike a chord with us!

Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago

Troy Archer B Corp have some tight rules and any business approved has 'ticked' the boxes. Congrats to everyone on this list. Inspiring passions with a worthy cause.

Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

Wow - I knew about Patagonia but these others are fantastic leaders for all parts of our community...Now these firms are on my list to purchase my next THING

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

The brands that are out there doing great things are super inspiring hey. It's nice to know about them because the choice is always yours when it comes to where your hard earned money goes. I've been involved in a brand that had a very real sustainability project in place and it was absolutely next level how much had to be done in order to be accredited for the work, so my hat comes way off!

Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago

New kicks, Saucony Endorphin Shift. Anyone else going to give try? If you have any suggestions for an everyday runner, I'd love to know what you're sliding into.

I'm actually quite pumped on AllBirds but i'd say they're more of an everyday walker, than an everyday runner...

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

Im rolling the Asic glideride at the moment - love them

Zac Eaton . 2 weeks ago

Jsy - i am a Fastwitch. boy for my Ironman ast hey are light but also offer support - is this competing with Hoka now?

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

DAY 17//365

DAY 16//365

DAY 15//365

Day 14//365

DAY 13//365




DAY 12//365

DAY 11/365

Michael Donald rough day out there. Inspiring mate

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

DAY 10/365

DAY 9//365

DAY 8//365

DAY 7//365

Day 6//365




The absolutely simplicity of this is what makes it super inspiring Michael Donald

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago


DAY 1 Running....

Another 100km today with the official β€œMr&Mts” - John and Marsha (both now on AP with some great views and stories)
10 degrees and a bit nippy especially outside London....was told my Booties and shorts was more triathlete than cyclist.....any other opinions?
Photos courtesy of Marsha (hence the photo edit)

Scott Coey @[Marsha El-Hage](user:235) John Brame looks like a fun day out. Logging the miles that’s for sure. We need to find you all an event to do!

Damien . 3 weeks ago

Great Podcast - very insightful and honest....

Scott Coey . 3 weeks ago

John Brame look forward to listening to it this week. Congrats on such an amazing achievement mate.

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

Just admiring AllBirds shoes for a moment, if you don't mind...

About two years ago my brother purchased a device called a Back Buddy for me, knowing how much physical exercise I did and how sore my muscles often were.

I have loved and used this product so much that when I was in the US last year with my girlfriend Cecilia Blakeley I purchased a travel size one so I could use it while overseas and also fit it in my bag.

It's basically a personal massage device; it's shaped so that using your hands you can target almost all the pressure points on your body, no matter where they are.

I can highly recommend one of these for anyone that pushes and demands a lot from their body. It will help you in many ways in including reducing future injuries. I still go and get massages, but as long as I am using this for at least 5 minutes each day, I don't need to go at anywhere near the rate I used to.

Trent Allan do you need a degree in using it. Looks like some serious trigger point action.....

Damien . 3 weeks ago

Hahah not really, you get the hang of it pretty quickly. πŸ˜‚

Trent Allan . 3 weeks ago

My knees are playing up on me big time, can’t do much, can buy shoes though...

Great article

Damien . 2 months ago