Must-see attractions in Adelaide

From riding through famous vineyards to hitting Adelaide’s best hotspots, 2021’s Tour Down Under is sure to be a memorable adventure. We’ll ride the small roads as only the locals can, take in the best scenery, enjoy the best restaurants, and relax at the finest coffee shops. While it is hard to list all the wonderful attractions...

Bonjour cycling friends from around the world

We hope you and your families are going well during the current COVID-19 virus situation. Even the most recent coronavirus situations globally continue to cause a great deal of uncertainty. Each country is at varying stages of action, response and recovery. As a travel and experience company, we have been affected, but these issues are...

Summer holiday camping gear checklist

The holidays are here, and for many of us that means dusting off the tent, strapping the kids in the car and heading to a campsite! If you’re going camping in Summer, between thinking about Christmas gifts, New Year’s plans and whether or not you’ve remembered to take leave – you’ve also got to think...

When you hike into a Hollywood horror scene 😱😳

Have you tried the ultralight sleeping bag? Kate Donald reviews her top pick

Written by: Kate Donald Wild Earth Hiking Ambassador Kate Donald Reviews the Sea To Summit Flame 4 FMIV. Unzipping the tent door, unsure of what the morning may hold, the first sign of the sun can be seen in the distance with a soft yellow haze sneaking over the mountains. Wild Earth Hiking Ambassador Kate...

Should I choose a synthetic or down sleeping bag?

It’s the age old question, synthetic vs down sleeping bags? Which one’s warmer? Which one packs smaller? Which one will last longer? The real question is – which one is right for you? This clip from Curly at Marmot should help you answer that question. Watch and learn! Image via Outdoor Gear Lab https://youtu.b

Top 6 beach products for this summer!

There’s nothing quite like Australian Summer. Victoria you have dry heat, Tasmania you have pleasant warmth, and Northern Queensland it’s like walking into a steam room. But there’s a universal past time that we all love regardless when the warmer months hit, and that’s going to the beach. Being a Burleigh based company we know...

Running is good for health Ketan

The toughest cycle climbs on earth

Some of us like to go to the beach, lie down and relax, others like to shop, or go to the movies, and then there’s are the select few amongst us that like to inflict pain upon themselves for ‘fun’, by attempting tortuous bike rides that might even have satisfied Genghis Kahn’s lust for brutality....

Bonjour cycling friends from around the globe

We hope you and your families are going well during the current COVID-19 virus situation. Even the most recent coronavirus situations globally continue to cause a great deal of uncertainty. Each country is at varying stages of action, response, and recovery. As a travel and experience company, we have been affected, but these issues are...

Great article and an amazing Australian Cycling Tour Company. So important we work to support each other through this time.

Damien . 5 days ago

Day trips from Melbourne ultimate guide

With so much to see and so many ways to travel, picking the best day trip from Melbourne can be overwhelming. We’ve gathered our top tips to help you figure out which Melbourne day tour is right for you. How to pick the best day tour from Melbourne There is such a diversity of experiences...

Places to kayak in Australia & New Zealand

Grab your kayak and your paddle – we’re heading out to some of the best places in Australia and NZ. The Kimberleys – Western Australia Looking for an adventure like no other? In the Kimberleys, you’ll be in the heart of the Aussie outback, paddling through clear green waters, experiencing the breathtaking majesty of th

Things to do on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the perfect family holiday destination for many reasons. Approximately 6 hours north of Brisbane, it’s a great place to take the kids for a car camping adventure. Fraser Island is part of Great Sandy National Park and is famous for its expansive sand dunes and cliffs, as well as its beautiful lakes. Well-known for&n

FIT at the 2019 Berlin Marathon

While the historic Berlin Marathon celebrated its 46th annual event last September, FIT returned to this incredible race for the second time. From first-time marathoners to experienced participants, we hosted an amazing group of runners this year, as well as a handful of travelers who came along to show their support for those tackling 26.2...

This is great 👍

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Outside is literally just outside, and it's so very very good. #getoutside 👌Image via Lucas Wesny.

Get the right daypack & get out there!

With so many brands and styles, choosing the right daypack can get a little confusing. Taking a few minutes to identify exactly what you need the daypack for will help make the selection process much easier, then it just comes down to picking your favourite colour…….that’s a whole other problem altogether! Let’s start with a

Our trail running top gear picks

Our resident Ultra-Runner Anderson Moquiuti has put together a list of his favourite items from the Wild Earth online store. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or looking to take your run from the road to the trail these top picks will take you the distance Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set Running Vest Keep it simple....

How Cycling can change your life

I stopped diving in 2008; a back injury prevented me from continuing and my medical team told me firmly I should ONLY do yoga for the foreseeable years. Not being someone that does as he’s told very often, in 2009 I ran the London Marathon for SportsAid!! I favoured running over any other kind of...

Palm Springs New Years Day hike! So many different eco systems.

Best attractions in Mornington Peninsula

Things to do in Mornington Peninsula The Mornington Peninsula is the ultimate short trip from Melbourne. It’s got a laid-back beachside atmosphere, piers that stretch into the endless ocean, dreamy coastal bushland, dramatic rocky bays, and turquoise ocean pools. Then there’s the exhilarating hiking tracks, hedge mazes, a strawberry farm,

What is the Grampians famous for?

The Grampians Known for its dramatic bushland as well as its rich history, the Grampians is bursting with as much culture as it is picturesque landscapes and outdoor adventure. A haven of otherworldly natural beauty, the Grampians National Park, located about three hour’s drive north-west of Melbourne. It is an ideal destination for avid hikers..

Where can I go hiking in Melbourne?

HIKING MELBOURNE With its parklands, gardens, rivers, and coastal bays, Melbourne is a great place to explore on foot. Whether a casual stroll along the Yarra River, a wander through the Botanic Gardens, or a more challenging hiking trail somewhere a little beyond the city limits. You don’t have to journey far from the city...

Camping with dogs

To have the best trip with your pooch you have to be prepared. Here is what we have learned from travelling Australia the last year with our two dogs.   Camping is one of the greatest things you can do for your soul and there is nothing  greater then being in the great outdoors with...

Winter camping

For many of us, winter is the prime time for engaging in exciting outdoor activities during the day and sipping mulled wine and hot cocoa by the fireplace during the evening. But how about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something even more For many of us, winter is the prime time for...

Ready, Set, Plan

Any journey that makes your jaw drop starts before the starting gun, with months of planning and preparation. Neglecting this key element limits success and opportunity, but when adventurers give it the proper attention, they unlock newfound potential. I recently returned home after spending a few months in the mountains. To me, it feels like...

Outdoor gifts for him

Give the gift of the outdoors to a special man in your life! This guide features a few of our top picks for every man from the 4WD junkie to the gadget-obsessed. Staun Offroad 4WD Tyre Deflators This is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves going off road in their 4WD. Not only are these...

Outdoor gifts for her

These outdoor gifts have been hand picked by us for the women in your life – whether she’s a climber, a trail runner or a car camper we’ve got something in mind! Sahara Nomad King Single Swag This is the perfect gift for someone that enjoys getting out and about, and appreciates a quick and easy set...

Gift ideas for little adventurers

Do you have a little adventurer in your life? These gifts are perfect for kids who want to ditch their screens and get outdoors. Bear Grills Compact Compass To keep the young wanderers heading in the right direction (and occupied on those long walks!) – the Bear Grylls Compact Compass is the perfect gift. It...

Off the beaten track: Lose yourself on these lesser known hiking trails

As hiking expands and grows so do the number of people on the trails, forcing us to get creative and do some more research if we want lonely tracks. That is why we have selected a few tracks that you’ll find a thinner crowd on – either due to their remoteness or they’ve yet to...

Things to do in Phillip Island

Phillip Island is known for its wildlife and natural landscapes, and at just two hours drive out of Melbourne — connected to the mainland by a bridge — Phillip Island is a popular day trip for those who love the coast and enjoy spending time outside in nature. With its famous beaches and walking trails,...

Finding solitude in Yosemite

Written By: James Stuart James Stuart seeks to break from the Yosemite crowds by trekking into the wilderness, but not before catching up with climber Andrea Hah for advice. We’ve only just hopped out of the car when I spot it high up in the branches of an oak tree: a juvenile James Stuart seeks...

Adventure – why is it important in sports?

Thrive in the unknown.  Developing new life experiences outside the athlete’s comfort zone. New skillsets, unearthed weaknesses, developing existing strengths, and finding new frontiers. “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside

Hey, check photos from my last trip to the Carpathians 😍

Troy Archer, thanks 😌Will be happy to show you the Carpathians. There are a lot of places to explore.

Sasha Nedai . 1 week ago

That place looks amazing Sasha Nedai ! Would love to see it for myself some time.

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Australias’ top 10 summits

Written By: Sarah Gallagher A couple of months ago, I discovered the infamous Aussie 10, a 3 day hike that ticked off Australia’s 10 highest summits (plus a few more). It required a fair bit of navigation and involved camping freely within the park. 70KM, 3 DAYS A couple of months ago, I discovered the...

10 Backpacking essentials: South East Asia

Written By: Lauren Clark Packing for an overseas trip can be overwhelming; at least it certainly was for me. I’ve put together a list of my top 10 essentials that I wouldn’t leave home without, along with a more detailed checklist. Hopefully, you find them useful! Firstly, it’s tried and tested advice to pack your...

Why you need hiking poles on your next adventure

Going on another hiking adventure? Or maybe you’re a first-timer? Whatever your skill level, you’ll know how important it is to get the right gear and to train with that gear as much as possible before your scheduled trip. The most common thing we see with people embarking on hiking trips for the first time...

How to plan an adventure (the right way)

All great adventures start with a simple thought – a desire to explore or extend oneself beyond the confines of society. All great adventures start with a simple thought – a desire to explore or extend oneself beyond the confines of society. From Shackleton’s Antarctic exploits to Jessica Watson’s circumnavigation, neither of th

The perfect camp kitchen set up

Our expert hiking ambassador Kate Donald reviews her favourite ultralight ideal camp kitchen set up by Sea To Summit – The Sigma Cookset 1:1. In the distance, the slight silhouette of a hut catches my eye, home for an evening. Motivated by the thought of Our expert hiking ambassador Kate Donald reviews her favourite ultralight...

Challenge – what does it mean to challenge yourself?

Never stand still.   Challenging athletes to be self-critical, find new limits, raise their standards, push themselves, and be open to ideas. Constantly evolving, forever improving.   ‘A challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination’. This is why we do what we do, we want to push ourselves and

Iditarod – The ultimate endurance event

By Troy Szczurkowski Iditarod. Alaskan winter. 1000 miles. You may immediately think of the sled dog race, held each year across 1000 miles in the remote, cold wintry heart of Alaska. This story is about a human powered race that covers the same course. The Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) is rated as one of the...

Five outdoor gift ideas over $300

Looking to go all out this Christmas? Here are 5 outdoor gift ideas for that extra special person in your life. Gift-giving doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Especially when buying for a significant other, many of us are still left racking our brains come mid-December. Well, this year you’re in luck because we

Take on an international marathon with Fitness International Travel

Have you ever wanted to run a destination marathon in London? Do you want to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro or take part in a yoga retreat in Costa Rica? Fitness International Travel (FIT) specializes in one of a kind marathon tour itineraries to destination events around the world, as well as custom...

Completing a world marathon challenge: 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days

By: Kelly McLay From an airplane window seat 36,000 feet in the air, directly across from me jetted the Falcon Heavy Rocket as it began the first leg of a long journey into space. The beginning of the Falcon Heavy’s immense journey marked the end of one for me. I pinched myself. Did that really...

Great Ocean Road recommended stops

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most spectacular coastal road-trips not only in all of Australia but the world. Strap in as we take you on a journey to some of our favourite spots along the epic Great Ocean Road. How to get to Great Ocean Road Hugging the southern coastline of Victoria...

Love this drive. Would enjoy the hike

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What do you need when travelling abroad internationally for a race?

For a handful of FIT clients, their trip will be their first international race and while marathon training and racing is a huge commitment on its own, traveling to an international race adds another layer (or two or three!) to the adventure. With decades of experience traveling internationally, for marathons and pleasure, we consider ourselves...

The best campsites in Australia

Whether you’re an Australian resident or visiting from overseas, our guide to the best campsites in Australia will help you choose your next camping destination! Australia’s camping spots are some of the finest on the planet, with stunning views, incredible wildlife and some of the best hiking trails you’ll find anywhere. Whether you prefer t

Binna Burra wild walk

A weekend in the Gold Coast hinterland experienced by our store manager Chuck Gartrell We awoke pre-dawn to an endless river of cloud migrating silently towards the sea. We gathered our gear, patiently wondering if the skys would favour or be confronted with the ever looming deluge as forecasted. Hoods were donned as we stepped...

How to nail a social distancing hike

For many of us, 2020 is shaping up to be a year that no one could have ever anticipated, with the COVID-19 crisis forcing us to change lifestyle habits and adapt to new routines. Fortunately, the great outdoors hasn’t gone anywhere and exercising, including walks and hikes, are one of the few approved reasons you...

great advice @wildearth

Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

great advice @wildearth

Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

Planning for a trek in Nepal – training tips

This week we caught up with Chase Tucker – he sheds some light on training for a trek in Australia, being away from home and the magic of Nepal. You’re just about to leave for a trip to Nepal, can you tell us a bit more about what you’ll be getting up to? Sure. So,...

Easy to make healthy trail mixes.

By Amber Walker, Holistic Nutritionist EASY TO MAKE HEALTHY TRAIL MIXES IN 3 EASY STEPS! If you are looking to pack a quick easy snack that is tasty, lightweight, nutrient packed and energy dense on your next adventure then look no further than a healthy home made trail mix. Whilst store bought varieties are easily...

Heading north for the winter.

Many Australians choose to head north over the summer months to escape the heat, to catch a bit of cooler weather and maybe even to experience a ‘white’ Christmas. The Northern Hemisphere offers so many culturally-rich destinations that also have loads of opportunities for adventure, whether you’re a hiker, trekker, climber, skier or all-roun

I’m not sure what I like more, running trails, or running trail running runners. Nike Pegasus Trail for me thank you.

I’m too old for crazy colours Troy Archer amd Jay Woods 😆

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I haven't looked at personalisation for a while but I have a feeling i should Jay Woods !

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Did you check out the personalisation TA? Some pretty wild colour combos in there @troyarcher

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Bryce Canyon National Park

On our recent road trip we stopped over in Bryce Canyon which is located in the Southern area of Utah. This is one unique place with rock formations and hiking like I have never seen before. Some of the best hiking includes the trails: Navajo Loop and Queen’s Garden Trail Peekaboo Loop Trail Wall Street...

Anyone can head out and enjoy mother nature with their family. Whether it’s a casual walk or a full blown hike. There’s so many amazing places to explore across the world. What are you waiting for......😍

I’d love to check this place out for myself Damien Dau !

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Looks amazing

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Climbing Cucamonga Peak

Cacamonga Peak is out in the Mount Baldy region, California. It sits at just under 9,000 feet in height. Taking off mid afternoon, Preston and I hiked 15 miles with an elevation gain of 4,500 feet. A casual 6 hours of hiking in one day! I’m not too sure who was the most tired. The...

Claudine Dau you will need to come on the next one!

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What a day, to get ActivePlace live! For all those of you who stumble across our new site while it's still new and being further improved, please bear with us, we're doing our best and just need a little more time to fix some bugs and produce some more great content for this feed. We welcome your feedback and also welcome you to a world that is more active than ever before. Trent Allan CTO & Co-Founder of ActivePlace

The journey has just begun, and what a journey it is! 👏


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Trent Allan that hand clapping is for you mate!

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This is was a great day out hiking with P-man!

Love that Damien Dau ! Looks like a hike I’d want to join you guys on some day! 💥

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Great Job!

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Pman on top of the world!😀

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