Pumped for the weekend ready to hit the waves

Gasp. How good does that look!

Troy Archer . 4 hours ago

Enjoy the weekend making tunnels 😃

Nice hike up to Chip Rock. Pretty cool.

Morning cardio in this beautiful place! From Burleigh Heads to Byron Bay it doesnt get much better! This amazing coastline we get to call home 😎

super normal regular everyday guy that likes to keep fit through sport and looking for more motivation to increase my daily fitness efforts #dailyrun #dailycycle 👍😎

Super happy to have you here Steve Versace - Welcome.

ActivePlace . 4 days ago

If you are contemplating a long swim next year how about this one? Our relay/blog has been featured on the Lake Geneva Swim Association website -

I have so much respect for people that can swim long distance, amazing, and what a beautiful place dan bullock .

Troy Archer . 4 days ago

Dan - you said you wanted to do this solo.....Wookiee is your wing man...

Scott Coey . 3 days ago

Rad. Definitely going to make this a thing Jay Woods . Thanks for sharing. Sarah Archer, let's put this on the list!

Troy Archer . 5 days ago

Straight to the top of the list Troy Archer and Sarah Archer ... he's a pretty damn incredible guy.

Jay Woods . 5 days ago

Jay Woods its unfortunate the footage couldn't follow them around the trails. I mean elevation of two Mount Everests is so so crazy. Awesome support crew.

Damien Dau . 4 days ago

There are a couple of Doco out there on the Berkley...they are all awesome and worth searching out and watching....

Scott Coey . 4 days ago

Some fantastic news! We are so proud to receive this TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2020 award and be in the top 10% of all tour operators around the globe. Thank you to everyone who has booked a tour with Hike & Seek in the past. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you all and showing you around the beautiful state of Victoria.

A massive thank you goes out to all our wonderful guides & partners who have worked tirelessly to deliver a fun and memorable outdoor experience. It won’t be long before the wheels are turning once again and we are back out on the trails doing what we love most. This award means the world to us. Hard work always pays off. Thank you all! X James & Mette #travelerschoice @tripadvisor #tripadvisor

Mega. Congratulations!

ActivePlace . 5 days ago

So rad James McCleery , site looks super tight and the softgoods are amazing!

ActivePlace . 5 days ago

Ultra X congrats on what your have created. Great vision and future ahead.

Damien Dau . 1 week ago

I'd be so pumped to go and check out one of your events. I can't see my knees holding up for the journey, but I would definitely like to photograph one! Great story Ultra X , Jamie, Sam Heward and Jasper!

Troy Archer . 7 days ago

Marsha - thank you for the inspiration, I absolutely love this.

Troy Archer . 1 week ago

I want to see the one hander

Scott Coey . 1 week ago

Love it Marsha 😁

Trent Allan . 1 week ago

Love this!

Cecilia Blakeley . 1 week ago


Heidi . 1 week ago


Heidi . 1 week ago

Amazing climbing

Damien . 1 week ago

That looks like a fun trail Jay Woods !

ActivePlace . 1 week ago

This does not make me feel confident for Thursday!

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

Starting Haydn “beast mode”

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

Haydn Elliott love the last quote.
Everything in moderation......

Damien . 1 week ago


ActivePlace . 1 week ago

The Hunter Valley Ultra is on. An iconic and fun event in one of the nicest parts of New South Wales. Fast-flowing fire trails and grasslands with plenty of challenging hills and stunning views.

Choose your own adventure with a 102 or 60km endurance race or take it a little easier with a 30 or 12 cross country race. Registrations are open now, get amongst it.

You should do the event Jay Woods !!!

Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago

Smugglers Cave a short walk to the Tijuana border. In addition to a heavy ascend. This day was a little too hot for us, so we didn’t quite make it to the final of the hike. Really interesting place to visit.......

Never a bad looking weekend over there Damien Dau, some incredible places to explore.

Jay Woods . 2 weeks ago

hi, nice to meet you all. I'm glad to join the community, it's inspiring and motivates me to push myself harder

Epic tom phillips ! Welcome! Can't wait to see what you get up to!

Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago

Sooooo pleased to see you on here Marsha, its Heidi, Neil Lawries wife! Love to John.

Heidi . 2 weeks ago

Matching as always

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

What a shot!

Damien . 2 weeks ago

Pine trees and sunshine. Let’s get out there!!


Marsha . 2 weeks ago

Troy Archer B Corp have some tight rules and any business approved has 'ticked' the boxes. Congrats to everyone on this list. Inspiring passions with a worthy cause.

Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

Wow - I knew about Patagonia but these others are fantastic leaders for all parts of our community...Now these firms are on my list to purchase my next THING

Scott Coey . 2 weeks ago

The brands that are out there doing great things are super inspiring hey. It's nice to know about them because the choice is always yours when it comes to where your hard earned money goes. I've been involved in a brand that had a very real sustainability project in place and it was absolutely next level how much had to be done in order to be accredited for the work, so my hat comes way off!

Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago

With over 15 years of road cycling I thought my bike skills would be well equipped for some down hill mountain biking.......🤕🥴
Either way it was the best day spending it with my son Preston. Awesome time together

We're going to need action shots before we give you the green light on this one Damien Dau

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

YeeeW Damien Dau

Zac Eaton . 3 weeks ago

Thanks Zac Eaton videos to come. Not to mention currently carrying a slightly cracked rib

Damien Dau . 2 weeks ago

Sometimes we are so focused on the end goal we forget to enjoy the journey along the way. I know at times I’m guilty of this and is something I constantly strive for improvement.

Enjoy every step you can! 😊

DAY 17//365

DAY 16//365

DAY 15//365

DAY 13//365




DAY 12//365

DAY 11/365

Michael Donald rough day out there. Inspiring mate

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

DAY 10/365

DAY 9//365

DAY 8//365

DAY 7//365

Day 6//365




The absolutely simplicity of this is what makes it super inspiring Michael Donald

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago


So I've decided to set myself a goal to run every day for a whole year...that's every single day for 365 days in aid of sponsoring the Shepherd Centre, Wollongong, an organisation very close to our family...we have been extremely fortunate to have had the support of the guys at the The Shepherd Centre for our daughter Indiana over the last year. Indi was born with profound bi-lateral hearing loss in both ears - Not sure what we would have done without them.

Over the last 31 days I've been successful in running daily so am now confident, ready and highly motivated to go live and push on for the next 11 months!

I'll be looking to run 3900km over the year...which is the equivalent of running Sydney to Perth at an average of 10.7km/day.

Follow me daily on Instagram, Strava & Garmin Connect to see how I'm tracking.
If you would like to sponsor me $1/day over the course of the year, with all proceeds going to the Shepherd Centre via my Go Fund Me page. Any support would be incredibly appreciated!!✌️

Michael Donald what a great cause and mission. Good luck with it all. Please keep us updated here on ActivePlace along the way.

Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago

@michaeldonald - good luck buddy, we're all cheering from the sidelines.

Jay Woods . 3 weeks ago

That's epic mate. I bet your little girl is so super proud of you now and will be forever. Amazing.

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

Looks beautiful mate!

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago

Hiking in the Grand Tetons National Park is something hard to explain. The sheer beauty and size is out of this world. This hike up to Delta Lake took us above 9,500ft and was worth every step! Words can’t even describe!

Unbelievably stunning.

Heidi . 3 weeks ago

Being active in the outdoors is such a great feeling. A 600ft descend (& climb 😩) gets you to the launch pad of the Upper Falls in Yellowstone National Park. A must when your around this way.

Damn! That looks epic Damien Dau, absolutely epic!

Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago


Heidi . 3 weeks ago


Sarah Archer . 3 weeks ago

Morning hike from Teton Village up the mountain. Steep climbing 🙄

The 2021 Ultraman Australia (additional) athletes have been announced. Congratulations to all of those who made the cut. It's a real shame that the event was unable to run this year (thanks rona) but understandable nonetheless. I can't wait to get to Noosa next year and race this epic race alongside you all. Happy training.

James McCleery look forward seeing you on the start line.......crazy distances!!!

Damien . 4 weeks ago

Damien - I think this needs to be added to the Bucket list!

Scott Coey . 3 weeks ago

Oh guys, that looks absolutely beautiful. Sarah Archer next time we get to travel to Victoria we should jump on a tour with Hike and Seek.

Troy Archer . 4 weeks ago

Love your energy man! Gets me pumped! Sarah Archer - Great article for you to check out.

Troy Archer . 4 weeks ago

Upper Palisades hike in Idaho does not disappoint. A long day out with a 15mile hike to the most beautiful lake you have ever seen.

That blows my mind! Sarah Archer we have to go there some time!

Troy Archer . 4 weeks ago

A great day of hiking around Teton. Such an amazing place. Bears 🐻!!!!

That place looks epic Damien Dau and Claudine Dau !

Troy Archer . 4 weeks ago

Troy Archer hope this inspires you to get out there mate! Watch this space for some more.....

Where is this Damien Dau?

Adam Goodger . 4 weeks ago

That does inspire me Damien Dau ! I can't wait to get the family over there to put some red dust on our shoes. I think it's Bryce Canyon Adam Goodger SICK!

Troy Archer . 4 weeks ago

Adam Goodger Bryce Canyon in Utah. Super awesome place.

Damien Dau . 4 weeks ago

Damien Dau - post some more pics of the hike you did yesterday! I need to imagine being outdoors while i'm trapped in my office! Inspire me!

Get out there and explore the world. It’s waiting for you!