This is something we only get to say once a year but it’s always our favorite announcement… Registrations to Ultra X Sri Lanka to be held in March 2022 are OPEN!

We are already counting down the days. 


This week we are going to be telling you a little bit about Ultra X Jordan, situated in the south of the country in the Wadi Rum desert.

Jordan was our first Ultra X race location and for that reason it holds a very special place in our hearts.

Leaving aside the true beauty of the place, the desert is steeped in history. Wadi Rum may be best known for its connection with British officer T. E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia, who passed through several times during the Arab Revolt of 1917–18.

Our race course, which changes slightly every year will take participants on a grand tour of Wadi Rum’s protected region. You’ll pass through canyons, dried up riverbeds and occasionally over big dunes (including, on Stage 4, a stretch through the very canyon Lawrence was said to have hidden out in!).

Remember, thanks to our payment plan system you can register for Jordan and pay your registration fee monthly over the course of 5 months. This goes some way in making the best value multi-stage ultramarathon on the planet, even more affordable.


Finally, a video camera that is small, fun and easy to use. The OPKIX One video camera is designed and engineered to be versatile to fit your every need. It films in HD, weighs just 12 grams and seamlessly pairs with your smartphone so you can shoot, edit and share with ease. 


Camera Specifications

Resolution _ 1920 x 1080 HD video quality @30 fps

Record Time _ 15 minutes continuous per camera

Per Camera Storage _ 4GB and 15 minutes of video

Egg Storage _ 16GB and up to 70 minutes of capture on one charge

Waterproof _ waterproof down to 30 ft (9m) IP-68

EIS _ Electronic Image Stabilization available in the app during editing

Housing _ aerospace aluminum

Lens Cover _ sapphire glass

Per Camera Weight _ 12 grams

Charge Time _ 45 minutes for full charge

Studio App _ ease of file transfer via Wifi / bluetooth connection from the Smart Egg to the OPKIX app on your smartphone




As far as action cameras go, there’s nothing as unique as the Opkix One right now. Although relatively unknown in a world of DJI and GoPro dominance, this nifty camera is actually a two camera system with each weighing no more than 12g. They are rectangular-shaped and can be affixed to surfaces like hats and even a finger (as a ring attac

Have you registered your teams for our spiciest virtual challenge ever yet #Dawn2Dusk?

If you have not already done so, please do so via our website!

Remember, your team can cycle OR run/walk.

The concept is simple. How far can your team cover in 12hrs?

There will be all sorts of prizes and trophies up for grabs and everyone that takes part will be getting the limited edition medal 🥇




This week’s guest is Emma Kirk a self-proclaimed trainer geek, strength and conditioning coach and track hype queen at Track Life London. When not clocking up miles, Emma can be found with a full calendar of clients for her new footwear consultancy business which she launched just two weeks ago! In this interview we’re tapp



In this article we are looking at the best ultramarathons in South America. Known for its extreme and varied climates, South America provides ample opportunity for fantastic ultra running.Although South America has fewer ultramarathons than some other major continents, participation rates are growing fast. It also contains some of the world&rsqu

Over the next 3 days we are going to be telling you why you should join us (if you're not already) for Ultra X Scotland this May 8-9!

Post 1/3 is titled "have you experienced Scotland in the late spring?"

Well, if you have you'll know that it is absolutely beautiful. Ultra X Scotland starts in Inverness and heads out along the Scottish highlands and circumnavigates the most famous Loch in the world - Loch Ness.

Come May, after a long and dark winter of lockdown here in the UK, we are going to be raring to get out there onto the trails and we sincerely hope you'll be there to join us.

And remember, should the race have to be postponed due to COVID, you will get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Visit our website to join us for either the 125km 2 day adventure or Sunday's 50km event.


Those of you looking to qualify for the World Championships this June in Slovenia, you have just 4 days left to complete your virtual qualifier! You must have submitted your time to us by Sunday!

As you know, the top 10% will be gaining a place on the start line this summer 🥳

If you want to qualify for Slovenia, you can STILL enter the virtual qualifier. Visit our website to do so.




ReRun Clothing is a grass roots environmental campaigning company set-up and run by GB Ultra Runner Dan Lawson and his family. The company is driven by a desire to tackle and reduce textile waste following a growing awareness that our outdoor and adventure lifestyles are putting a strain on our planet.In 2021, Dan and his wife will be trave

This Thursday at 12.30PM we are going LIVE on Instagram with Ultra X's long standing osteopathy partner to talk all about.... INJURIES!!

If you have an injury, a niggle or you're interested in injury prevention, now is your chance to have your questions answered by the pro!

And yes, that is nighttime in the desert. Who is joining us for Ultra X Jordan this October?




To help you keep motivated and give you something to look forward to for next year, we’re going to be spending the next few weeks previewing the ultramarathons that we are most excited for in 2021. We’ll showcase what we think the best ultras are in the UK, Asia, the US, Africa – and everywhere else!To kick things off this week

The Azores is an archipelago of 9 islands situated 1,000 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Portugal.

The islands were settled sporadically over a period of 200 years. The temperatures are mild year round and the vegetation and scenery is truly spectacular.

Ultra X Azores takes place on Sao Miguel (the biggest island), on the weekend of April 24-25th. Join us for the full 125km in two days or for the 50km event. This island will take your breath away.

Check out the Race Information Pack here -

📸 @johny.cook




In this article we are looking at the best ultramarathons in South America. Known for its extreme and varied climates, South America provides ample opportunity for fantastic ultra running.Although South America has fewer ultramarathons than some other major continents, participation rates are growing fast. It also contains some of the world&rsqu

About 12 hours before this picture was taken we'd had to reroute a 40 km course due to an elephant on the trail, find a new campsite (we had a new finish line) and source some booze (not easy over the Sri Lankan New Year). ⁣

For the last couple of years, I have set new year’s resolutions/goals here. The aim to keep me accountable. The problem with these is what happens when the goalposts change. ⁣

2020 forced us all into taking a back seat. Covid's provided an obvious reminder that life is so often out of our control. My goals went by the wayside. I failed.⁣

Following this, I've had a bit of a conundrum. Setting aims is important, sure, but success and failure aren't arbitrary (I actually think they are both steps in the same direction), and restricting a life of opportunities into single targets seems like a mistake. A load of good happened in 2020, even if it wasn't in the way I'd have expected. ⁣

Perhaps the idea of landing somewhere specific is too finite. Instead, this year how about setting some values, surrounding yourself with some good people and heading down the open road, realising that you can't decide what happens next, but you can control how to react when next comes... ⁣

21 I'm coming for ya.


@Sam Heward thanks for sharing this great piece of advice. Go get ‘21 mate
Damien Dau . 1 month ago
What a great perspective @Sam Heward!
Paul Caneda . 1 month ago

Checkout some of our favourite shots from Ultra X 125 England last summer.

Are you joining us for the next edition taking place this September? Remember, there is the 125km, 2 day event and the Sunday only 50km option. Oh, and if you can't wait until September, join us for Ultra X Scotland this May! It's going to be an awesome weekend.

Hit the link at the bottom to read the Scotland race information pack. 




Australasia may not be the most accessible part of the world to those who don’t live on the continent but there are plenty of reasons to jump on that long haul flight starting with their ultra marathons. In this article we’ve selected some of our favourite races and what we consider to be the ultimate bucket list races in Australia, N

@Michael Donald ... this is all you mate!
Jay Woods . 2 months ago

Every now and again we like to remind everyone why we do what we do at Ultra X.

We exist because we love to take people outside of their comfort zone and we love to deliver unforgettable, life changing experiences, the sort that really do last a lifetime.

Join us this Spring at Ultra X 125 Azores and/or Ultra X 125 Scotland.

If you have any questions regarding the races, just message us directly or email on [email protected]




Ultra marathons are any events longer in distance than a marathon (42.2km). However, as there is no upper limit, the range in event can vary significantly. Whilst there are now some insanely challenging races held across the globe, there are also many much more accessible events also classed as ultra marathons.In this series, we’re lo



Ultra marathons are any events longer in distance than a marathon (42.2km). However, as there is no upper limit, the range in event can vary significantly. Whilst there are now some insanely challenging races held across the globe, there are also many much more accessible events also classed as ultra marathons.In this series, we’re lo


WHAT: This New Year’s Eve, we are hosting our most ambitious community challenge ever. It’s so ambitious we have no idea if it’s possible and there is a strong possibility we could fail, but if we don’t try we’ll never know.

Here goes: The circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles and we want to run around it with you, our community, in one day*.

HOW: If we can get 1,000 of you to enter then we will all have to run/walk on average 24.9 miles each – almost a marathon. If we can get 2,000 of you then the average distance per runner becomes a much more manageable 12.45 miles. You get the gist.

WHEN: *The challenge begins when the first place on earth starts New Year’s Eve (Samoa) and ends when the last place on earth hits the New Year (Baker Islands in the Pacific). In GMT, this is 10:00 on Wednesday 30th December until 12:00 on Friday 1st January. We have 50 hours to cover 24,901 miles!

WHY: Kevin Webber is a great friend of ours. Last October, he took on and smashed Ultra X Jordan. He is a wonderful man and a constant beacon of light. He is also a terminal prostate cancer patient. December 21st is Kevin’s 365th consecutive day running which started with the Ultra X #holiday100 challenge last year. The run with Kev challenge gives everyone the opportunity to end one year and start another with a new goal that will take you on an amazing journey.

The challenge costs just £5 and all of the proceeds will go to the charity Prostate Cancer UK. If you’re keen to join us then we will need every ounce of your support to make this dream a reality

PLEASE help us make this happen by registering via this link - 


Among some of the big names already racing at Ultra X 125 Scotland, we are delighted to announce that superstar ultra runner @paucapell will also be joining us on the weekend of the 8th-9th May!

Who fancies taking him on? ?

Register now for the full 125 or 50 to enjoy early bird prices.


What an amazing Journey with our running Family The ERNIE Run Club ? 

Completed my first Ultra Marathon with best friends and support team! Lots of PBs and lots of fun! #GC50 #ERNIE #runwithus #hurtingsucks #RKPOD #RDU 

Well done everyone in hot, humid and windy conditions! 


This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time we are going LIVE on Instagram with @Beth_Pascal

We’ll be chatting to Beth about her recent FKT (fastest known time) on the Bob Graham Round, a 66 mile (106km) loop with 42 fells and about 8,200 metres of elevation gain! Beth completed it in just 14 hours and 34 minutes!

Oh, and when she's not out breaking records she's a paediatric doctor! 


2021 is all set to be a year packed full of adventure! Make sure to take advantage of our huge Blue Friday weekend sale by hitting the link below and registering. This way you will guarantee yourself one of 50 discounted race places!


You may or may not know but we only hold a SALE once a year and that’s for BLUE FRIDAY! ⁣

In 9 days time, on Friday 27th November, from 1pm UK time until midnight on Sunday 29th November, there will be 25% off all Ultra X races. ⁣

Hit the link at the bottom to pre-register and receive your 25% off Blue Friday code 24hrs before they are offered to the general public. ⁣

There are only 50 places available so you will want to get your name on that list!⁣

Adventure awaits us in 2021!


This Thursday at 12.30pm UK time, we are going LIVE on Instagram with @sophiegraceholmes ⁣

We’ll be chatting to Sophie about her amazing journey from being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child, to becoming a fitness coach, public speaker and all round motivator. ⁣

Sophie has appeared in a number of magazines such as Hello!, Vogue, Women’s health, Women’s Fitness and many more. ⁣


Let it snow ?️. I'm so excited ?


When it's -2°C but you wanna ride. 

It really feels similar as after skiing. The same outfit, the same temperature, the same happy to come to the warm house. Love it ?

We had a ride to a Kyiv reservoir.  It's really big and we call it the Kyiv sea in Ukraine ?


Where abouts are you riding Sascha?
Trent Allan . 3 months ago

Hell Hole Falls is a ~5km out-and-back trail located in Mount Jerusalem National Park, Northern New South Wales. 

The trail begins in iconic Australian bush surroundings - crunchy ground underfoot, eucalyptus trees towering above and the sound of birds, bees and bugs zipping around. After a little time on the flat, the trail heads downhill and transitions into more tropical surrounds with palm trees and ferns in abundance. The final stretch of the trail follows a creek to a series of rock pools and small waterfalls before a plunge over the Tweed Valley. 

The track is a really easy walk and follows a well-maintained fire trail until the last couple of hundred meters. If you don’t mind a dip, pack some swimming gear. The rock pools are pretty crisp and a real treat on a hot day. 

It’s not a walk I’d do regularly due to the distance from home but certainly one I’ll do again when I stay nearby and want a bit of easy adventure time.


Oh man, that looks like a whole bunch of wonderful to me. I've got trail shoes and a camera bag, next time you're thinking about going, hit me up!
Troy Archer . 3 months ago
Will do Troy Archer!
Dave Lydiard . 3 months ago
Awesome shots! 
Damien Dau . 3 months ago
Looking forward to it Dave Lydiard ?
Troy Archer . 3 months ago
Cheers Damien Dau!
Dave Lydiard . 3 months ago
Great pics mate - let's run Hell Hole next time I'm up. 
Jay Woods . 3 months ago


Why is physical activity so important for health and wellbeing?

We know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know it can also improve your overall well-being and quality of life?
Here are just a few of the ways physical activity can help you feel better, look better and live better. Because, why not?
It’s a natural mood lifter.
Regular physical activity can

Roseller Recella thanks for the helpful tips. Make sure you share with your broader community. So important! 
Damien Dau . 4 months ago
Great article Roseller Recella - really appreciated the simplicity, nice reminders!
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Happy Monday (and Sunday for some) Active people. Get inspired for the week and do as the image says with what ever active activities you have planned!


New Monday
New Week
New Goals
Roseller Recella . 4 months ago


5 ways time in nature can improve your mental health.

The relationship between humanity and nature is as strong as it gets. We know that we depend on nature for our very survival, yet we can sometimes take it for granted. Society is more connected online than ever before but following global lockdowns, many of us have been left feeling anxious, disconnected from each other and disconnected from the n

Nature! I love nature! WildEarth ?
Troy Archer . 4 months ago

With the recent global announcements regarding progress on the vaccine front, 2021 is starting to look a whole lot brighter, FOR REAL!⁣

Come June 2021 and the Ultra X World Championships in Slovenia we should all be well in the clear ? ⁣

If you are not already joining us we have released a new VIRTUAL QUALIFIER, which you can do anywhere in the world. The top 10% will be receiving a registration link to the World Champs! ⁣

Hit the link below to read more about the Ultra X World Championships Virtual Qualifier, which launches December 11th!


This Sunday at 2000hrs UK time, the entry fee for Ultra X Mexico 2021 increases £200 to the second pricing tier.⁣

To take advantage of the current early bird entry fee, please enter before then.⁣

Remember, not only is Ultra X Mexico our toughest race, it’s probably our most unique too. You’ll get the chance to run with the Tarahumara from the book Born to Run! ⁣

Hit the below link to watch last year’s race documentary - it is awesome, if we may say so ourselves ? 


To say that we are excited would be an understatement. After months and months of hibernating our beloved business @hikeandseektours is ready to relaunch, November 23rd.

To celebrate, use code: restart10 to receive a 10% discount on all tours and products.

Tell your mates and come support local businesses that really need help. #stayclosegofurther #hikeandseektours


Could not be happier for you guys James McCleery and Hike & Seek ! Signals the road out to be a bright and beautiful one for Victorians! 
Troy Archer . 4 months ago
Thanks so much Troy. We cannot wait! 
Hike & Seek . 4 months ago



Ultra marathon running is not a mainstream sport in Europe or North America just yet, however there are a huge number of events now and even more popping up all the time. Across most of Africa the sport is even more niche (despite it being home to some of the world’s greatest money runners, however, there are some huge events out there, rang

This Thursday at 1.30pm UK time, we are going LIVE on Instagram with Ultra X Athlete and professional ultra trail runner, @jasonschlarb⁣

We’ll be chatting to Jason about his training methods as well as recalling his experience last November at Ultra X Mexico! ⁣



With so many Ultra X World Championship qualifying races having been cancelled over the past 9 months we have decided to launch one which can’t get cancelled.⁣

The challenge opens on Friday 11th December and you will have 50 days to complete 50km with 1,200 metres of elevation. You can do it wherever you are in the world OR you can take on a 50km segment we have created for you along the stunning Serpent Trail in the South Downs National Park.⁣

What’s more, if you wish to take on the Serpent Trail segment ‘live’, we will be providing support for runners on Saturday 30th January, which just so happens to be the 50th and final day of the challenge.⁣

The top 10% of each category will receive an invitation to the Ultra X World Championships in Slovenia. Four lucky finishers (two male and two female) will also be chosen at random for a place!⁣

To register, FOR FREE, and to read the details hit this link - ⁣

Welcome to the #50in50




Being an ultra marathon race organiser means that a good chunk of any single day is spent explaining what exactly these unique and mysterious events are.
Whilst most people now know the term marathon as being a form of long-distance run, the preceding “ultra” can add confusion.
This is not helped either by the multiple forms of differe

This Sunday at 2000hrs UK time, registrations to Ultra X Jordan 2021 increase. To save yourself £100 please register BEFORE this time! ⁣

The great desert of Wadi Rum awaits us!