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5 Wellness favourites

There are so many things you can do (or use) to help improve your life. Often I get asked the main things I personally take advantage of when it comes to keeping happy and healthy. So, with that in mind here is the first of a monthly segment on the blog that will showcase 5...

5 Steps to increase your awareness of sugar content in packaged food

The average Australian consumes around 14 teaspoons or 60 grams of free sugars per day. Recently the World Health Organization recommended that for optimal health we should restrict our added ‘free sugar’ intake to less than half of that, at just 6 teaspoons. But what is ‘free sugar’? Where is it found? An

5 Tips to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle

Welcome to a new year. You have probably set some resolutions for yourself, whether that’s written down, or just sitting in your head. Most people manage to keep those resolutions for only a couple of weeks. I want to share some ways to make those resolutions stick, by doing small things consistently. As a Health and Wellness...

How to be fit and fulfilled

10 years ago, at the age of 29, I was living what I thought was a perfect, healthy lifestyle. I did yoga every day. I surfed close to every day. I ran often. I ate really well. I was fit and happy. But then I got a wake up call – I found out that...