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I'm Tom - an ex semi-pro rugby player and former marketing professional, turned full-time personal trainer and qualified TRX Coach. When I'm not teaching virtual TRX LIVE classes, I keep myself busy with a roster of private clients and my own training regime, which predominantly consists of weight training, TRX (of course), MetCon sessions, rugby training and flexibility work.
My approach to health and fitness is very simple: keep it simple, put in the hard graft and make good habits. Major proponent of TRX as a versatile training tool, with applications and transferrable benefits for almost any other sport / fitness activity out there. Get in touch if you want to find out more.

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One the USPs of the TRX is its ability to train every part of the body in a multitude of planes of movement.

This video shows a few different exercises that will target your back muscles, which, along with the hamstrings and glutes, make up your POSTERIOR CHAIN.

This group of muscles are crucial for maintaining good posture, protecting our spine and, in this ‘digital age’, balancing out the negative effects of the hours we spend hunched over a keyboard/smartphone/tablet (rounded shoulders, tight chest, curved spine).

1. Low row w/ twist: hits the largest back muscles (Latissimus Dorsi) as you pull through towards the bottom of the chest, with elbows and hands remaining tight to the body throughout 💪🏼

2. Y-raise > T-row: recruits the shoulders (Deltoids) and upper back muscles (Trapezius) in the Y-raise, before switching to hit the middle back (Rhomboids) in the T-row. A perfect superset 👌🏼

3. Power pull: these are the perfect single arm pull exercise to finish off your posterior chain. Biceps come into play here too, and who doesn’t love a bit of that...?! 😜

Have a crack at 3 x sets of 10 on each of these exercises and I guarantee that afterwards you’ll feel yourself standing up straighter, feeling taller and looking bang tidy too!

Happy Monday everyone 😊 


Epic, thanks for sharing mate. Will give these a shot and let you know how I go @TRX by TCB  
Jay Woods . 2 weeks ago
If I did that i'd either pull the roof down on me, or lose an arm up at the armpit! Having said that, i'm keen to give it a crack...
Troy Archer . 2 weeks ago
Yes!! Thank you @TRX by TCB ! Just what I needed!
Kelly McLay . 2 weeks ago
Glad to hear these were useful gang, I’ll aim to pop a couple of these up each week so you can try new things to keep your workouts fresh! 👍🏼
TRX by TCB . 2 weeks ago

IN 2021 I WILL...

...get bigger. Get smaller. Eat less. Eat more. Eat differently (‘Veganuary’ I see you). Drink less. Spend more. Spend less. Be kind. Be grateful. Be productive...

This list could go on.

The point is, January is often a time when people make promises to themselves about the forthcoming year, with varying degrees of realism/enthusiasm/commitment.

However, with everything that 2020 threw at us, I’d probably just advise you all to take each day as it comes and try to make the most of any good times you can, because who bloody knows what could happen next!

(That, and you should probably also get hold of a TRX Suspension Trainer so you don’t have to miss out on training while gyms remain closed indefinitely...)

That’s all for now folks, I hope you've had a good first (nearly) full week of 2021 👊🏼


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