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Recipe: Easy protein energy balls

Protein Balls are a
simple, easy snack to keep on hand in the fridge for those times when you need
instant fuel – and it also helps to keep your healthy eating regime on track
during those times when you may be tempted to stray.These amazing, simple
protein balls are super easy to make – all you need is 5 ingredients, 5
minutes an


Discover trails in paradise

By Steve Jackson.

To run where few people tread, to immerse yourself in nature both on
land and underneath the water, to visit one of the world’s great natural
wonders and throw in a race to boot. There’s plenty to like about the recently
launched Whitsundays Tropical Trail Run Tour.Spend six nights in tropical Queensland enjoying tra


Blackcurrants – Making research headlines for endurance athletes

Blackcurrants are not a
commonly recognised fruit, they are rarely seen in your local supermarket and
wouldn’t be the fruit that catches your eye next to those better-known
blueberries. However, research into this little-known fruit is showing that
they offer a cross-section of potent performance and muscle recovery gains for
active people,


How does caffeine affect athletic performance?

Hanny AllstonAs
a performance coach specializing in trail and ultra-distance running, I am
frequently asked about the use of caffeine a supplement to performance.
With almost every sports nutrition brand providing caffeinated options, from
gels to chews to beverages, I believe it is important to address the question –
to caffeine or


Three key reasons choosing the right apparel matters

By Titan Performance Group.Not only in business do
you need to dress for success, the same can be said for sport. The clothing and
apparel you choose can influence your performance. We spend a lot of time
training and racing, so why not get the most out of that time? Here are three
reasons why choosing the right apparel makes a difference:1) Impro


Correcting a Crossover freestyle

are many different styles of freestyle, but one thing that’s common among fast
swimmers is they don’t crossover. A ‘crossover’ is when the hand reaches across
the head after entering the water.At
our freestyle clinics this is the most common error we see among triathletes
with typically more than half the athletes hav


What is the best way to improve my transitions & ability to run off the bike

By Michelle Hemley.The swim to bike and bike
to run transitions can be an eye opener when you first start triathlon.Often, a classic ‘newbie’
triathlete will spend so much time focussing on getting the required swim, bike
and run training completed for their new sport, that transition practice is an
afterthought in their preparation. W


The Cliché Training Effect

By Matt Burton Interpreting the “Less is More” Approach with Michael Freiberg, Director of Terrain Dynamics."Less; to a smaller extent, amount or degree.More; in a greater quantity, amount, measure, degree or number.’’“Less is More” is one of triathlons many cliché training philosophies can be literally b


3 mistakes to avoid in a triathlon swim workout

Brenton Ford.For
the past 11 years I’ve worked with over 1,000 swimmers and triathletes of all
abilities. With athletes new to the sport, I see the same mistakes being made
again and again when it comes to their workouts which are holding them back
from swimming faster and improving their speed. Long continuous swimming


Triathlon Training: fitting in the second long ride

Shane Smith.You
work 40-plus hours per week and training for a long distance triathlon. How do
you fit two long rides into an already packed schedule?The
hardest part for most people who are training for an Ironman is getting in the
required mileage on the bike. This is especially true when most athletes are
working full-time and have friends a

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