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Staminade is the original Australian sports drink. ?#FirstAidForThirst for Australians for 40 years

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Cycling in 2020 with Alyssa Polites

Living in Melbourne in 2020 has seen Sydney Uni - Staminade cyclist Alyssa Polites have a completely different cycling year to what would have been expected at the start of year. Going through lengthy and stringent lockdowns this year, we wanted to hear more about how cycling has looked for her in 2020.
Staminade: What has been your cycling highl


Cycling in 2020 with Nicole Frain

Sydney Uni - Staminade cyclist, Nicole Frain caught up with us to talk cycling in 2020. With Nicole in Tasmania, she’s been fortunate to not have as strong restrictions due to COVID as some other states, yet it’s still made a difference to how cycling has looked for her in 2020.
Staminade: What has been your cycling highlight of 2020?


Why yoga is great for athletes

Yoga has been practiced in some cultures for hundreds of years, but more recently it’s become increasingly popular all over the world, with all kinds of people. Yes, whilst many like to dismiss yoga lovers as ‘those bloody hippies’, it’s no longer just the preachers of peace and love who swear by it, now so indeed do a l


Why marathon runners need electrolytes for peak performance

Marathon running is no mean feat. On average, it’s around 3-5 hours-worth of pure grit (if you’re running faster than that then you’re a bit of a big shot…). During these 3-5 hours, your body goes through some serious challenges whilst hauling itself around the 42km course, and if you don’t pay particular attentio


Why is mixed training so good?

Humans are interesting creatures; we’ve become the dominant species on our planet, explored all seven continents, and now, turned our endless curiosity to technological developments. Despite all of this impressive exploration, we tend to stick to what we know in everyday life. Most of us will run the same route most days, or do the same


When you shouldn’t train through pain

Training through pain. Is it a good idea?
Training is not something professionals see as an everyday activity. It is a habit and a way of living and breathing. That is why whenever an injury kicks in, most people ignore it and keep training toward their goals. This often results in worse issues than only the injury presenting itself. In fact, ev


The pros and cons of resistance band training

Resistance bands have somewhat of a bad reputation amongst gym keen beans; their garish colours are most often associated with ‘boxercise’ classes, or something along the same lines, and it’s questioned how much they can really help you to add muscle mass… Well, whilst Chris Hemsworth probably didn’t build arms


What should I drink when I exercise at the gym?

Have you ever wondered, “what should
I drink when I exercise at the gym?”. The more we learn about nutrition, the
more we are able to feed our bodies the right fuel to remain fit and healthy. There are so many products out there these days, and so many multi-coloured
concoctions we see people inhaling at the gym, that it’s har

Sarah Archer - thought you might like this article ???
Troy Archer . 6 months ago


What happens to your body during an Ironman?

ironman triathlon is widely regarded to be one of the toughest single-day
sporting events in the world, and for good reason. Perhaps you know already
what it feels like to swim 3.86km, cycle 180km and then run 42.16km. Do you
know what’s really going on inside your body? The average ironman competitor
burns around 8,000 calories over t


The toughest cycle climbs on earth

Some of
us like to go to the beach, lie down and relax, others like to shop, or go to
the movies, and then there’s are the select few amongst us that like to inflict
pain upon themselves for ‘fun’, by attempting tortuous bike rides that might
even have satisfied Genghis Kahn’s lust for brutality. Whether you’re one

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