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Ride International Tours

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Whether it’s your first time cycling abroad, or you’re an experienced rouleur, our team at Ride International Tours takes care of the details on and off the bike to create your perfect cycling vacation.
Over the years, we’ve learnt what our guests love and weave a little magic into all of our tours. Wherever your dream cycling location is, whether it’s: France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Asia, Australia Or anywhere else, you can count on us to create your perfect cycling vacation for individuals, couples and or groups, whether you prefer an all-inclusive group type tour, a bespoke experience, or a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) type tour, we’ll create your perfect vacation on and off the bike.


Our top 5 tips for cycling in Europe

We know, without a shadow of a doubt, you will absolutely love cycling in and exploring Europe. We’ve put together five top tips to improve your European cycling experience.Whether you enjoy cycling along on flatter terrain on a upright Dutch style bike and relaxing as you go, riding challenging mountain passes on a road bike or an e&nd


Must-see attractions in Adelaide

From riding through famous vineyards to hitting Adelaide’s best hotspots, 2021’s Tour Down Under is sure to be a memorable adventure. We’ll ride the small roads as only the locals can, take in the best scenery, enjoy the best restaurants, and relax at the finest coffee shops.While it is hard to list all the wonderful at


Bonjour cycling friends from around the world

We hope you and your families are going well during the current COVID-19 virus situation.Even the most recent coronavirus situations globally continue to cause a great deal of uncertainty. Each country is at varying stages of action, response and recovery.As a travel and experience company, we have been affected, but these issues are dwarfed by gl

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