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I need more will power with 'sweets' Claudine Dau
Damien . 3 months ago

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Am working on feedback with a client tomorrow and it occurred to me that what I am doing with them could be helpful here. 
How many of you are self critical? Feel you could do better? be better? 
For the US representatives amongst you - The Dallas Cowboys Tom Landry took his team from the bottom to the top.... now here comes the neuroscience ....  excellence is personal to each and everyone of us. He produced a reel for each player highlighting what they did on court with ease, naturally and confidence. He showed each player their 'excellence'. Why did this work? Without going into too much neurological detail our brains are receptive to learning when releasing Oxytocin (the love drug) which is what positive feedback gives us. Our neutrons fire more as we go into a parasympathetic state (stimulate growth neurons) v sympathetic (constricts neurons) state aka fight or flight mode when we get criticised. 
To get the best out of clients, friends tell them what they did great and how it made you feel. Pretty sure you'll see amazing results quite quickly......


When pivoting a business things to think about / do: 1. Identify what is working well now. 2. DON'T let fear make the decision. 3. Tell the untainted truth. 4. Visualise what success will look like. 5. Be very clear about what is needed and now and what is needed for success. 6. Learn from your mistakes. 7. Evaluate the impact. 8. Make sure the pivot is profitable! Good Luck! 


The majority of us in the world are operating in extremely uncertain conditions. The result of which is we can feel a little anxious, lost, confused and lacking in motivation. So, what can we do to help ourselves? 
1. Identify our support network -  contact 3 friends this week to see how they are and let them know what is going on for you. 
2. You may be lacking in some motivation to exercise- if you are exercise with friends. We all know what good endorphins can do for us both physically and mentally, sometimes we just need a little help. 
3. Sleep - Good quality sleep is so good for repairing our minds and bodies. 
4. Eat well - stay off the white stuff! 
5. Be kind to yourself - control the controllable. Everything else mentally leave behind. 


Good advice, thank you. πŸ‘
Troy Archer . 3 weeks ago
Damien Dau . 3 weeks ago
Is that why you called me today πŸ™„πŸ˜
Scott Coey . 3 weeks ago
Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

There is a general societal driven need these days to be 'better', 'more resilient', 'should behave a certain way', 'richer'..... etc Of course there are goals to set and achieve but do it your way. You are more likely to succeed that way. In fact the most successful (define success!) people in the world don't want to, 'be better'. They want to do, 'their best.'


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