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Does a strong core help with posture?

So, your shoulders or knees are sore, or your back is tight, but you haven’t done anything out of the norm – you’ve trained the same way, your week has been the same and you can’t work out why this has happened. Sound familiar? If this is you, then there’s a good chance that your posture...

Importance of good form in training

Why awareness of movement and focussing on technique can improve your performance and reduce injuries. As athletes become more serious about their performance, they will often look for ways to improve their power and speed, which will usually involve increasing the frequency and intensity of their training in order to achieve this. Initially, incre

Tight hip flexors and posture improvement through Pilates

Why sitting for long hours at your desk can weaken your glutes and impact on your running Weakness in the hips and glutes is common amongst those of us with a sedentary lifestyle. If our glutes aren’t working to their full capacity, then other muscles will have to overwork to pick up the slack. Because...

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Damien . 2 weeks ago

Leg tracking for cyclists.

Knees sticking out and why a cyclist need to correct it You’ve probably seen those cyclists who ride with their knees sticking out to the side, but did you know that poor leg tracking such as this has a number of negative impacts on a cyclist? Poor leg tracking can be seen when a cyclist’s...

Why is posture important to runners

How desk posture increases your likelihood of pain, injury and limits your maximum power. So, how exactly can a poor desk posture while working contribute to increased pain, likelihood of injury and limit your overall power when running? To understand this further, we’ll look at why rounded shoulders and a tight back may occur in...