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At Nosht, we don’t just have a passion for performance. We have a passion for nature, for flavour, for enjoying life, and for long-term health. You know that how you fuel your body has a direct effect on your ability to enjoy a training run, a race, or even life in general. We’ve found that it’s possible to combine nutritious, delicious, and sustainable ingredients to help you get the most out of your efforts.

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Do you get enough energy?

DO YOU GET ENOUGH ENERGY? RELATIVE ENERGY DEFICIENCY IN SPORTS (RED-S) CAN HARM YOUR HEALTH AND TRAININGWhen you don’t get enough energy, training is hard and you won’t make progress. Relative energy deficiency can also lead to different kinds of serious health problems.Do you get enough energy from your food to support your training?


Triathlon Training: A Beginners Guide

TRIATHLON TRAINING: A BEGINNER'S GUIDETriathlon can be a fun pastime for the entire family or an ultimate test of endurance. Here are tips on getting started with triathlon training by professional triathlete and coach Kaisa Sali.Triathlon is a fun and versatile sport. Why not try your hand at combining swimming, cycling, and running? Here are som

Nice one Nosht. Damien Dau Scott Coey - thought you guys might like this article.
Troy Archer . 5 months ago


FAQ: Coronavirus and Training

How to train indoors? How to maintain motivation when all races are cancelled? How to take all of this into account in your diet?"You asked about training in the times of Covid-19, we answered."How to train indoors if you’re not allowed to go outside?Endurance training is easy indoors if you have a treadmill, your bike on a trainer or a rowe


Sports drinks and athletic performance

When should you have a sports drink instead of water? What's the difference between an Isotonic and Hyptonic sports drink? Here's what you need to know when you're choosing the best sports drink for running, cycling and other endurance sports.In the course of everyday life, you lose about two litres of water per day simply by breathing,


Runner’s Fuel: Nosht protein bites pack a punch

Full of plant-based protein and gut-friendly energy, Nosht salted protein bites are perfect for long adventures or as a healthy snack in everyday life.Salted Protein Bites are one of our first and most beloved products. They were developed to match a need for stomach-friendly, slow-release energy in an easy-to-eat format. Since most of the energy


Nutrition and hydration tips for the beginner endurance athlete

Training for your first marathon or triathlon? What you eat and drink can help you achieve your goals - or make them harder to reach. Here are some useful tips on how nutrition boosts sports performance by top-level triathlete and nutritionist Kaisa Sali. Are you starting a new endurance hobby or have you
signed up for your first marathon or


Importance of carbohydrates in endurance athletes

Studies have shown that ingesting carbohydrates during exercise boosts performance. But not all carbohydrates are created equal, and the source and absorption of carbs can make or break your race. What are the best sources of carbohydrates for endurance training and why can high-FODMAP sources such as honey and dates can cause stomach issues? 


Tips for ultra marathon racing in Siberia

Fancy doing an ultra triathlon race? here we have some practical tips from
Nuppu Hepo-Oja, the first female Siberman in the world. Siberman 515 Ultra Triathlon race passes along unique Siberian locations, The Sayan Mountains, The Steppes of Khakassia, and Real Siberian Taiga. The distances are:Day 1: 10 km swim + 145 km bikeDay 2:&n


Low FODMAP diet for training and racing

"FODMAPs is an acronym for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols." A short term low-FODMAP diet can be beneficial for athletes who suffer from stomach issues during training and racing. There are certain "rules" to follow when it comes to avoiding gastrointestinal issues during training and racing. How


Are energy chews effective?

Nosht energy chews are formulated to supply energy, electrolytes and performance-boosting taste stimulants. And, of course, to taste fantastic. Here's what's in a chew: Naturally tasty and no artificial additives.We
created energy chews that are so tasty you’ll want to eat them even when you’re
not working out. And the best bit? N

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Our Energy Chew bundles are now back in stock. Sports nutrition has never tasted so good ? 


These are amazing! Sarah Archer and I are super into them, we love the protein bites too! 
Troy Archer . 2 months ago

HOORAY! Nosht products are back in stock!!!

Unfortunately, Covid-19 put a stop to our manufacturing for some time and we do apologise for not being able to supply you with our delicious products. The fantastic news is that we have a shipment arriving next week and we are now taking pre-orders.

There will be limited stock available so get in quick. 

 All pre-orders will be shipped Australia wide from Monday 26th October.

To pre-order your Nosht products, visit our website

 Happy training & racing team.


Great to hear guys, keep up the awesome work ?
Damien Dau . 3 months ago

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