Can you ‘stress-proof’ yourself with exercise?

James Hewitt – Performance Scientist Many of us try to dissolve the worries of the day in a pool of sweat on the treadmill or spin-bike, but growing evidence supports the idea that exercise can have a more long-lasting impact on our capacity to cope with stress. Stress can be emotional, physical or psychological, but...

3 Easy steps to improve your physical activity next year

“More haste, less speed” is a proverb that has been around for years, meaning if you try to do things too quickly, it will take you longer in the end. As we all know, this is very true in life, but also in physical activity. How many times have you sought to complete a project...

What really affects your health – genes or routines?

By Pippa Luakka – Medical Director Health takes different colours at various stages of human life. A child laughing and playing in the yard with his dungarees on, a person in his working age performing his long road cycling route and a senior citizen climbing the stairs to his apartment without any aids are all...

What is the key to sustainable high performance?

“What is the key to sustainable high performance?” asked Hintsa’s Chief Innovation Officer, James Hewitt, as he addressed the audience during the Nordic Business Forum conference. “We’re never resting. We rarely focus. We can’t always be ‘on’. Much as the Tour De France push

What is the best diet – finding the right nutrition goals

As a nutritionist to Formula 1 drivers, an important part of my work is to get clients to their optimal weight. ‘Optimal’ is the key focus here. I am not interested in getting drivers as light as physically possible, despite there being some competitive advantages to this. I am focused on getting them as healthy...

The secret to successful behavioural change

By Matti Kontsas Science and Development Director Behaviour change is highly relevant for your health and performance, as more than 50% of illnesses are caused by human behaviour. If you find yourself struggling with change, don’t worry, you are not the only one. But why is it so difficult to change your ways? Recent research has...

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Rise (and fall?) of the ‘Superboss’

By James Hewitt Performance Scientist Do ultra-running CEOs and IronMan MDs represent the ideal for health and performance? At Hintsa, we have the privilege to work with a wide range of clients, across a spectrum of activity levels, from elite athletes to office workers. We regularly talk about the benefits of physical activity and encourage a

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Plan the work, work the plan – why you should plan training

At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio this summer, we witnessed some incredible achievements by the world’s best athletes. These performances are of course not down to luck, but years of training, planning and competing to get to that one point where you need to deliver the optimal performance. One of the sayings that I...

Owning your own time – is it realistic?

The holiday season was wonderful. My calendar did not beep for alerts. There was no email overflow. It felt like I owned my own time. Now I’m back at work and back to the old normal. People complain about being busy and having overlapping meetings. Emails are filling our idle time. And most of the...

Low back pain is hurting you company – here’s what to do

Jonathan Graham – Performance Coach Low back pain is the leading cause of absence from work, and recognised as the leading cause of disability worldwide. In the United States, an estimated 149 million workdays are lost every year because of low back pain, with total costs estimated from 100-200 billion dollars. Furthermore, it is a...

How performance coaching works – and how you can benefit from it

Performance coaching is a science and an art. It’s a blend of cutting-edge technology with deeper philosophical concepts. These quantifiable and qualitative characteristics reach holistically across the six elements of our Circle of Better Life model. This ensures every single Hintsa coaching experience involves a component of transactional and t

Green exercise and the importance of the natural environment

The World Health Organisation defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. There is substantial evidence that now demonstrates that exposure to the natural environment is essential for physical, mental and social wellbeing. Increasingly a larger percentage of the