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Hike & Seek

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Hike & Seek combines nature, travel, nutrition, and good times into a road-tripping experience like no other. Our intimate, laid-back hiking adventures and tours are designed for nature-loving folk. Each tour has been carefully crafted to include hidden beaches and rainforest trails, pristine viewpoints, and rewarding hikes suitable for just about everyone.

So rad James McCleery , site looks super tight and the softgoods are amazing!
ActivePlace . 1 month ago
Oh guys, that looks absolutely beautiful. Sarah Archer next time we get to travel to Victoria we should jump on a tour with Hike and Seek.
Troy Archer . 2 months ago
Love this drive. Would enjoy the hike
Damien . 3 months ago
Some fantastic news! We are so proud to receive this TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2020 award and be in the top 10% of all tour operators around the globe. Thank you to everyone who has booked a tour with Hike & Seek in the past. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you all and showing you around the beautiful state of Victoria.

A massive thank you goes out to all our wonderful guides & partners who have worked tirelessly to deliver a fun and memorable outdoor experience. It won’t be long before the wheels are turning once again and we are back out on the trails doing what we love most. This award means the world to us. Hard work always pays off. Thank you all! X James & Mette #travelerschoice @tripadvisor #tripadvisor


Mega. Congratulations!
ActivePlace . 1 month ago

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