We're building a home for the world's active community

This is about lifestyle. ActivePlace isn’t about training the hardest, or winning, or competing against someone’s time, it’s about so much more than that. The ActivePlace we're building is the result of every single one of you doing what you do, for the sake of your life and those around you.

We Are

  • 1 part skateboarder
  • 1 part athlete
  • 98 parts coffee

Something very special happens when a lifestyle becomes more connected, more supported, more exciting and more trusted.

That lifestyle happens more often.

When something happens more often, it becomes a Habit.

When the outcome of the Habit is Personal Growth, it doesn’t just positively impact you, the entire world starts to change for the better, because of you, & how good is that.

We have a purpose; we’re here to help more people be more active.

We want to enable the world to experience the unparalleled growth that comes from the simple act of moving our minds & bodies.

We’re a business, but this isn’t about ActivePlace itself, it can’t be.

This is about the Community being together, the People, the Businesses, the Mentors, Athletes, Coaches, Events, all speaking the same language, in a simple, supportive and beautiful environment.

The ActivePlace team is a blended mix of backgrounds and passions, from Street Culture and Fashion, to performance strategy, endurance and athleticism. We’ve managed Brands, Events, Travel and Community for as long as we can remember.

Most importantly, we’re you. We run, ride, swim and combine the three, we hike, trek, climb and explore, we retreat, relax and breathe in deep. Most importantly, just like you do, we understand what it means to live a life that’s seasoned with the unmatched flavour of being active.

We’re equal parts business and banter, and we don’t believe in the winning as much as we believe in the doing.

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