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A yoga studio exactly the same as nothing else

Published by Jay Woods
on September 5, 2020


Yoga Movement rolled their rubber mats out to Singapore's cultural consciousness in 2012, with the notion and firm belief that they'd deliver the best service to those that subscribed to their movement. Suffice to say they've achieved this and a lot more.  

Yoga Movement is a step bigger than a brand, perhaps it's even a step bigger than a movement: it's more a culture. They've not set out to build a quaint space, but to celebrate the culture. More than a tool to reduce stress and increase flexibility. Through good food, great coffee, music and art they've created beautiful environments which are progressive, approachable and most importantly passionate. 

Their studios and cafe are clubhouses of sorts. A shrine to the 'sport' and a place you just want to be in and be a part of. Something you'd expect from the Ace Hotel, The Standard or SoHo House

Their spaces and philosophy recall an era before health and well-being became a go-to for every brand/influencer, yet ironically, a perfect fit for everything social. All are welcome across their six studios, where there's a respect for honesty and enjoyment, leave your hashtags and inhibitions at the door.

This inclusiveness, honesty and community is a simple and sincere pitch that has stretched Yoga Movement across Singapore to six studios in their first 8 years of business. They're progressing yoga in a way you'd not expect. Challenging the traditions, the norm and building something that's more than lotus leaves and downward dogs. 

Their site is a curated hub of health and fitness hot tips, nutrition advice and training, food, wine tips, it's really an extension of their studios, more importantly, it's a representation of the people within. They've managed to combine their expertise in yoga, design, music and technology, a very multidisciplinary approach to their work and their spaces.  

Here's a tapas plate from their site, a mix of the best to get you inspired and keep you moving. Be sure to check out their site and socials to stay up to date on all things yoga.  

Roll out a mat, stream online from your phone and stay healthy wherever you are. 


Online classes are in trend… and for good reason: they’re easy, accessible and fuss-free. YM Live offers the same great YM quality classes with real-time attention from your favourite teachers… and is a great way to stay committed to the practice despite the woes of being mostly at home during this time. Read more about their online courses, here.


Welcome to YM Makes, a column that pays homage to our mild obsession with food by breaking down intimidating recipes for all-star snacks. At YM, we love all things grubby — we’ll pass on the salad and opt for the steak; skip the juice cleanse and grab a beer. With most of us spending more time at home these days, there’s truly no better time to experiment with fail-proof recipes that will even impress even the snarkiest food snob!

More than just yoga.


When Circuit Breaker hit, we couldn’t leave the home unwarranted and our favourited haunts became a shell of its former self. Many of us were left wholly under-stimulated and simply put — bored out of our wits. YM Teacher, Amy Watts, managed to reclaim that space and time and translate it into what could be your next favourite thing: Wine Therapy — a service that curates mixed boxes of wine, rose and champagne lovingly sourced from small and boutique winemakers from all over the world!

Their site is a great source for new to expand your workout regime. 


Hybrid workouts are all the rage right now. People are expanding their workout regime to include a mix of strength, cardio, and stretch — better yet if they’re all rolled into one for that extra efficient use of time. Read mode...

If you're making your yoga towels, you're clearly committed to the game. 


The Yoga Movement Grippy Towel has been a staple on our racks for years now. They are designed in-house by our Aussie-based designer, Nigel, with careful thought put into all elements — the double sides, the premium line stitching, logo tabs, and hanging loops. We love them for their portability, functionality, and versatility (anyone needs a picnic mat?).

Published by Jay Woods
on September 5, 2020

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