Watch me Tri: Part II – Still Tri-ing

Fad or For Real?

Published by Kelly McLay
on Feb 18, 2021


In Training...

I am quite certain you are not on the edge of your seat waiting for this update, but for the two of you (okay one paid follower) that may be wondering “How the Tri-training World Turns” for Kelly I thought I would give a little update.   

Update: Its still turning, at times spinning, but I am still tri-ing and the countdown is on!

13 weeks trained; 9 weeks to IronMan Texas - holy *hit. 

If you know my running resume, you might be saying, “this is easy for her.” Yes. I like to workout; it provides a huge ROI of accomplishment and over the years I have conditioned my brain to override [most of the time] the “I don’t want to workout” naysayer in my head.

Lovely winter training


First, I have never officially trained for an event, let alone committed to competitive (per se)  racing since before kids.  (one is almost 4).  I have done more training these past 12 weeks than I have EVER.  Quite honestly, I am not sure how I survived 777 (don’t ever ask me for my training plan).  

Second,  I have a sheer distaste for the cold (Boston has not seen above freezing this week).  

Third, long workouts with two littles equals early mornings.  The hubby can attest, I am not a morning person.   This is a person who has rarely seen a sunrise except when required for a race start or flight departure.  Who two weeks ago was barely out of bed before 7:30am and who upon leaving the gym this morning post-workout, looked up and said “is that the freaking moon?”  Yes, yes it was.  

Fourth, motivating amid the Groundhogs days of covid and a continued uncertainty ...well we know the wane.  But...I am still tri-ing!

To the stats:

First stats tracked...

Training Weeks: 13

Training Time: 150:15:31

Miles Covered: 1,705

Elevation Climbed: 62,606’

Toenails: All

Blisters: 0 (thank you @Balega)

Tears: 100 okay maybe 1000

F-Bombs: Data lost

Husband: 1

Children: 2

Kelly: Tired, still alive, proud, shocked that I have done this much and am still going. Still wondering how it takes me a whole week to do 140 miles yet I am going to do that in 17 hours or less.

Fave socks...

Training - what a phenomenon; who knew?  This training has definitely humbled me and returned me to that rookie feeling.  Nothing was more apparent in my first two weeks of training that I was absolutely out of my league (stories for another day).  But that’s okay.  Its good to be a beginner, it’s awkward and I’ve stumbled a few times, but you have to start somewhere.  There was a time when I couldn’t run a mile and look at my resume now.  

I was always against recording stats because I thought the numbers would overtake enjoyment for just running. Seeing this journey as a whole, total numbers from start to now, has bolstered confidence in myself.  It has been a long time since I was hitting weekly workout goals.  It has been a long time since I can check off completed segments of time with certainty.  A friend said, “I like seeing the workout in Training Peaks turn to green”. And she was absolutely right.  In this time of uncertainty it’s a solid green light for the day. 

Show me the money! 

So, if you didn’t dive in before, I would say try now!  Not going to lie, it has for sure NOT been all sunshiny days and for sure I have cursed the clock in the dark of early morning more than a few times, but I can tell you looking back at these 12 weeks has given me the confidence for 12 more.  

The goal does not have to be huge - pick a daily walk around the block and go for it.  Whatever the naysayer voice is saying in your head, challenge it.  Set the alarm for 5am. 

Run the sprints.  Try to hold your breath underwater. Sign up for the race.  

What's the worst that can happen if you take one step and fall? My kids fall a million times a day - and their first instinct is to still get up again - why do we hesitate?  One of my favorite CEOs, Columbia Law Professor Alexandra Carter posted that her 2021 goal was to “Be Brave enough to suck.”

Do it. Join Me.  Set some goals to green and just tri. 


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Published by Kelly McLay
on Feb 18, 2021

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