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Happily introducing Gary Mulholland to ActivePlace

Published by Jay Woods
on September 6, 2020


Instagram: @gary__mulholland

What if it isn't a chasm of talent and dedication that separates us from the world's best athletes, but rather their access to the best equipment and facilities?

If you've thought this before, you're probably not alone. But, there's plenty who would disagree, and, Gary Mulholland would be one of them.

You see, Gaz hosts Live on the Lawn, world-class personal training available to all, regardless of your skill, equipment of location all on Instagram.

Sound too good to be true? Wrong again! 

Gary is a Les Mills Grit Instructor and a Les Mills Ceremony Instructor and is experienced with HIIT, Weight and Circuit Training, delivering his passion through an online series in his backyard titled Live On The Lawn. A daily Instagram live video (or two) with 15, 30 and 40-minute full-body workouts for you to follow at home.

The  Live 40-minute circuit workouts are functional and focused on strength and athletic training. All exercises can be performed with a single weight. No equipment, no problem, just try to find something from around the house that you can use as a creative alternative, even if it's just a tin can in each hand.

The workouts are hard, fun, informative and Gary coaches you to push yourself to the limit. Everyone’s limit is different, and with Gary, you’ll take that limit to new heights, whether you are new to your fitness journey, returning to your fitness journey, or taking your fitness to an advanced level.

In classic Kiwi style (some of the nicest people in the world), 'Live on the Lawn' is free for everyone. And, if you can’t join the Live session, Gary loads the daily workouts up on his Instagram IGTV so you can do the daily routine on your time. Just another fine example of that Kiwi spirit.

More than just a pocket-sized personal trainer bearing the friendliest smile in NZ, Gaz also hosts 'Cooking With Gaz'. You guessed it, a pocket-sized personal chef stepping you through healthy meal options to create at home. They're simple, easy to follow, nicely produced with the recipes readout, it doesn't get much easier than that.

Her's a little more detail behind Live on the Lawn, what's involved, what you'll need and where to get it. 


• 40 Minutes - Full body: 
Includes; 7 x rounds, 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off with an extra core challenge at the end.

• 30 Minutes - Upper body:

Includes; 7 Blocks of work. Within each block of work is 4 rounds, 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

• 30 Minutes - Full bod
Includes; 7 Blocks of work. Within each block of work is 4 rounds, 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off. 

• 15 Minutes - Bodyweight:

Includes; 15 Rounds. 50 Seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeated 15x times.

• Warm up:

  - 1. Squats & Swings,
  - 2. Deadlifts & Lunges,
  - 3. Chest - Push ups - Twist / Pulse / Bolt / Y Raise,
  - 4. Shoulders - Delts & Military,
  - 5. Back - W Fly / Wide Row / Rev Row / Narrow Row,
  - 6. Arms - Biceps / Triceps,
  - 7. Core - Knee Swings / Rev Crunch / Seated Triple / C Crunch, and, 
  - 8. Core challenge - 2 Minute Plank. 


 • Classes are streamed live on Instagram, daily, here.

 • All classes are posted to the IG Live.  

 • Honesty and goodwill apply, choose how much you'd like to donate, here.

 • All the proceeds go directly to the man himself. 

 • Donate as many times as you like, every damn dollar counts.  


 • 2 x 9 kg Dumbbells

 • 16kg Kettlebell  

 • 24 kg Kettlebell 

 • Resistance bands

 • Gaz's Spotify playlist here.


• 8 am Weekdays.

• 10 am Saturdays.

• 11 am Sundays.

• Full body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

• Upper body on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Published by Jay Woods
on September 6, 2020

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