Too good for dirty trails?

It appears as though Nike is crushing the trails again in 2020.

Published by Abe Tatester
on July 28, 2020


Imagine how good these would be when they're covered in mud.

Nike is no joke, that's no big claim, it's just the way it is, and this year, they served up 3 fine courses of deliciousness in the foot coverage department. You might think this should be considered old news, but I don't care, just like I don't care that electricity is old news, because electricity is epic and I guarantee you're using the stuff right now.

Anyway, let's talk about the shoes, and even better, let's get a look at them before you slide them on and cover them in dirt, and mud, and get leaves stuck in the grippy bits... first up:

The Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6

I've seen ice cream sundaes that look alot less enticing than these beautiful things. Aside from their might fine looks, they've got an improved and more durable mesh upper, isolated front eyelets for a more secure fit, and minimised hotspots in the toebox. The last thing you want is a hotspot in your toebox right?

Still hungry? You betcha! Let's take a quick run around the Pegasus Trail 2.

I know you love the green, brown and blue colourway because those colours are literally all around you when you're on the trail! Designers are such crazy artists, the genius is in the simplicity right? Wrong! These super bad boys have the full length React midsole so those trails ain't got nothing on your (occasionally) misplaced steps, that big ass toe bumper isn't there by accident, it'll save you from the rocks and logs you didn't invite along and the FlyMesh up top will keep your (soon to be) stinky feet a little more dinner table ready.

OK, what's the final course look like? Dessert baby! Let's take a bite out of what could be the sweetest of the 3: the Wildhorse 6.

When it comes to colour, Nike never leaves a stone unturned, and the Wildhorse 6 delivers in the colour department one hundred percent. What else makes it lush? Well, you've got React cushioning running right through the mid-undercarriage, a firmer horseshoe cup in the heel for stability, a higher cuff to keep the little freeloaders on the trailside of your ankles, more serious lugs on the bottom and a modified lacing system with a lateral fitband. Aside from that, incase you needed more, they look amazing...

Trail or no trail, these are bang on, no two ways about it, but you already knew that, because they've got that tick running up the side.

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Published by Abe Tatester
on July 28, 2020

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