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Hold on tight, this endurance addict is a firecracker.

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on August 26, 2020


Scott Coey isn't like many other Dad's in the hall watching school choir. If he wasn't enamoured by his daughter, you'd have to give him a general anaesthetic to get him to sit still. He took 3rd in the notorious World Marathon Challenge 777 in 2019, is an Ironman World Champs finisher in both Full and Half IM distances, has completed a sweltering 23 Ironman events on all race continents and if that's not tiring enough, has represented Australia at two Long Course World Champs. He also manages to find time to occasionally drink his body weight in Red Wine. Scott is an Australian who now resides in London.

What gets you out of bed each day?

Never had a problem with this - work, family or sport, the body clicks in as the sun (or rain - here in London) start and I jump out and attack the day, whatever is on. With training and working it helps, 5am is the best time to train and start the day.

If you had to choose between a ride or a run, what would it be, and why?

Run - maybe its the convict in me but no matter when I have a choice, its always RUN first - time alone on your feet, no matter where you go in the world you can go for a run and the trainers are always the first things that get packed…. I even have spare pairs (yes two - road and trail) in the car just in case I go somewhere and can run.

You've competed with some of the world's highest performing athletes and business people, how has that helped shape your own life?

Focus and Patience- when I first got into endurance sports it was about balancing my drinking and eating but then I started to realise the link between success and preparation. I also have learnt how to translate the lessons from endurance sport into business - “things go wrong during the day but it is not the end of the day." 

If you had to spend one full day locked in an elevator with someone you've trained with, who would it be and why?

My current coach Jessica Jacobs as we talk, challenge and mock each other about everything, and not just training. I find that our catch ups are divided between training, life, personal and generally mocking each other. It becomes a good balance around the sport, and the rest of life as well - we don’t agree on everything but there is a mutual respect through differences of opinions and a willingness to hear them out due to our different backgrounds - something that has gradually eroded away in society over the years. However we would probably also kill each others once we get bored and start doing physical challenges in the elevator through boredom!

There are 365 days in a year, if you had to use 10% of them doing something you don't do enough of now, what would it be?

Reading and educating myself - I’ve always been lucky to pick something up and be able to do it without the “theory” behind it. Recently I have started to correct the balance and understand other sides of “things”. I am doing this in all parts of my life. Especially with an 11 yr old and you don’t understand “the language” they speak, but I tell you it's fun!

Who has inspired you more than anyone else?

It sounds funny but I have never focused on one person in anything I look to succeed in, but I find a lot of mini inspirations in quotes or sayings. I have collected them for quite a while now and intend to start sharing them here on ActivePlace - can’t take any credit for them as making them up myself but they have helped with the 1% things.

Choose one; You can now fly (at the speed of walking), or swim underwater without taking a breath (for a maximum of an hour a time)?

Swim! - growing up on the ocean in Australia and spending time on the reef I have been fortunate enough to see and know what the world under the water has to offer and as oceans cover 70% of the world how much is there still to be discovered. Also walking pace while flying? Please! I’d be bored in 5min!

What would you say to a 15yr old Scott Coey?

Growing up it was easy being young and dumb with a quick metabolism and playing sport 5/6 days a week and no thought about nutrition or recovery. Once I “grew up” with the requirements of being an adult, the old “young” ways don’t work anymore and I learnt about the importance of 'what you put in is what you get out.'  I was a fairly good young athlete but I always wonder what might have been in the first third of my sporting life if I knew what I know now around nutrition, focus and not taking it for granted.

What has this whole Covid-19 thing taught you?

Spending more time with my 11 year old daughter who has taught and reminded me that you're never too old to ask questions and learn. I find as you get older you get too worried about what other people think and you stop asking and learning when you don’t know or understand things. With her (and I am sure most kids her age) they ask and ask and if they don’t know or like the response they ask some more, so I have started to adopt her attitude and what do you know (?)  I have learnt a lot more and people haven’t laughed at me. I am actually working on a couple of motivational speeches for finance and business groups and one of them is; “Things I have learnt from a 11 year old".

Who would you like to give gratitude to?

My Father - I never realised the continuous subtle influences he has had over my whole life without coming out and saying things. I realised this when I was lucky to get down to Australia for his 80th birthday, just before CV19 kicked in. He had 50 people from his whole life come together to celebrate his 80 years, it was amazing and even though he has Parkinson’s he was determined to sing for Mum and his family at the party (he has been choir master his whole life) on his birthday, there was not a dry eye in the house.

On reflection of my trip on the long flight back to London I realised where I had got my determination and self drive from and all the lessons and influence he has had without pushing or confrontation, just living his life in front of me.


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Published by ActivePlace
on August 26, 2020

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