Sustainable growth: Managing high performance

A focus on the importance of sustained training and lifestyle changes for athletes.

Published by KOTWF
on Aug 14, 2020


Eliud Kipchoge. Image via Nike

Habitual high performance.

A focus on the importance of sustained training and lifestyle changes for athletes. Developing high-performance behaviours to become habitual and a driver of sustained personal growth.

We want to improve every day, and we want you to improve every day, however, the drive and determination must come from your desire and passion to improve every day. Dan John states that we only have a finite amount of will power to burn through each day, it is vital that we burn through our stores of will power on the most essential things when creating new habits and behaviours in sport and performance. The best way to prioritize and efficiently give ourselves the power to create habitual high performance is through discipline and organization.

Eliud Kipchoge; simply said;

"Discipline and organization give you freedom."

Discipline and organization give you choice. Freedom comes from completing your training, completing your admin jobs, organizing what and when you are going to eat, and from planning your time to do your rest and recovery.

"When you have a plan, you are not chasing what needs to be done and wasting your will power, you stay efficient and controlled, and if something does come out of the left-field you’ve got the energy to deal with it."

Discipline and organization is high performance, it is even factoring in a day when you don’t have to be disciplined and organized! It gives an athlete longevity, it will make them enjoy what they are doing more, it will relive worries on the mind, it will help someone nail training sessions day in day out and in return will maximize performance in competition and the workplace.

Sustainable physical and mental self-development is threatened without the presence of discipline and organization. We understand that every athlete and person is different and aim to provide a bespoke framework to support an athlete’s life infrastructure in a way that it encourages high-performance behaviours to become part of everyday habits and practices.

What would Kobe do?


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Published by KOTWF
on Aug 14, 2020

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