Physical benefits of cold water and ice baths.

Not much fun, but well worth it.

Published by Leon Taylor
on Aug 16, 2020


When I was a competing athlete I absolutely hated ice baths. I was told I had to do it, it would help me recover. Train, ice bath, compete, ice bath, and so on. I’d have done anything to get out of it.

Now, you’ll find me enjoying daily dips in the English Channel in December (I’m pictured here with my dog, Dex). If only I’d known about the Wim Hof Method when I was diving.

"WHM is based on the principle of harnessing our bodies’ inner power."

The power is innate, we just need to reawaken it by stimulating physiological processes.

The 3 pillars:

  • Cold Therapy
  • Breathing
  • Commitment

Importantly, the process includes gradual and committed exposure to the cold - it’s not your coach telling you to get into an ice bath after training (however well-meaning your coach is).

"The benefits are numerous and many."

Better sleep, more energy, heightened focus, a stronger immune system, and I could go on...and on...

Take a look at and dip your toe in the water.


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Published by Leon Taylor
on Aug 16, 2020

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